What kind of person demands that police retreat from protecting a rally filled with people who are there to demonstrate … in support of the cops?!  This still is just too much, and too telling of where we are headed as a country …

Opinion| Steven Ahle| The head of the police union in Denver has claimed that the police on duty protecting the public during a rally in support of the police, in which Michelle Malkin and other conservatives were attacked by … unhinged leftwing ‘protesters.’  If this is true, whoever was ultimately behind the retreat order should be immediately arrested an.

Nick Rogers, the head of Denver’s police union, revealed that the incident commander gave the officers under his command an order to retreat, essentially turning the streets over to the rioters. Ironically the police officers whom were ordered to retreat are the same ones Malkin and others were there to support.

Whether it was the incident commander, the chief of police or the mayor, the one who ordered the retreat should appear in a courtroom and explain themselves.

You should never abandon law abiding citizens and let them be victimized by the mob, but unfortunately it seems to me that who you support politically dictates whether or not you get police protection or not … in some cities at least.

One one brave lieutenant defied the order and kept his group in place, which prevented things from getting much worse.:

“He said, these people are going to get killed if we don’t stay, so he kept his group there. That’s the only reason this thing didn’t get worse, because somebody broke ranks,” Rogers said during an interview on the Peter Boyles radio show.

Malkin tweeted:

“HUGE. Nick Rogers, head of Denver police union, just revealed there was RETREAT ORDER from incident commander issued at our pro-police rally. Rogers told me & Boyles that a lieutenant defied order to try & maintain some semblance of order. Too little, too late. But good to know.” 

Malkin is now speaking out, not only the retreat order, but also the non coverage by the mainstream media. The dinosaur media is ideology driven and the welfare of their readers does not even create a blip on the radar, IMHO. They seem to me to be experts in .. ‘journalistic malpractice.’

The police were forced to stand aside and to allow the rioters to attack the true peaceful protesters. The only hope we have in this country is if the voters wake up to the impending socialism and mob mentality of the Democrats and demonstrate their displeasure of them on election day.

Steven Ahle

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