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Rudy Giuliani Issues Dire Warning: Democrats Are Trying To ‘Kill Me’


Rudy Giuliani Issues Dire Warning: Democrats Are Trying To ‘Kill Me’

Steven Ahle| OPINION| Rudy Giuliani says that the Democrats want to kill him.

They wouldn’t go that far just over the Bidens, especially now that his campaign is running on fumes and donors are withholding any more money.

But Rudy says it’s not just the Bidens; there are other Democrats involved with corruption in Ukraine.

Rudy has now turned over evidence to the US Attorney in Pittsburgh designated by Bill Barr to either confirm or debunk the evidence.

Rudy says plenty of Democrats were involved in a scam that lasted for seven years.

He also said that his life has had contracts from the Mafia, FARC, and certain Islamic extremists, but he is still alive and kicking.

Rudy told Ed Henry that the moment he heard Biden’s name, he told his colleagues that they wanted to kill him.

I’m not sure they would go that far, but sadly, I couldn’t rule it out either. But, I think that no one will touch him because it’s all out of his hands now.

There would be no gain, so I think Rudy is just dramatizing.

From The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani once again claimed Thursday that his political opponents are trying to murder him during an interview on Fox Business.

“Big Democratic scam for about seven years, started in 2011. We’re going to reveal the whole thing,” he told Fox’s Trish Regan.

“It’s not just Biden–a bunch of Democrats. And that’s why they’re so…they’re so crazy on the subject of Ukraine, and why they want to kill–literally kill me.”

Giuliani also again claimed on air that he had damning information on the Biden family. A U.S. Attorney’s Office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is now reportedly looking into information Giuliani provided the Department of Justice about the Bidens. (RELATED: Rudy Giuliani Promises Dirt On Biden: ‘I Will Now Start To Reveal The Evidence’)

The former New York City mayor has repeatedly made cryptic claims about people wanting him dead. In November, he told Fox News’ Ed Henry, “I expected, the moment I heard Biden’s name, I told my colleagues, they’re going to try to kill me.”

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