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Nunes Appears On Tucker,Uses Time To Make Comey Terrified In Front Of Millions & Confirms ‘I Believe James Comey Will Be Held Accountable’ For Crimes Related To ‘Spygate’

It looks like the midnight hour is approaching.  I thought Trump would get all this done sooner but having it all come out as the Dems campaign against him is likely much smarter, and a good illustration of why he is The President Of The United States, not me.

OPINION – Posted by Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Nunes: ‘I Believe James Comey Will Be Held Accountable’ For Crimes Related To ‘Spygate’ (Video)

Opinion of  JonDoughertyAs outrage among Trump supporters and conservatives spread this week following news that Justice Department officials would decline to prosecute James Comey, despite a recommendation to do so by the DoJ inspector general in a coming report, House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson Friday that isn’t the last of it for the fired FBI director.

In fact, Nunes was clear: He believes that Comey will definitely be held accountable for crimes related to the deep state coup attempt against POTUS Donald Trump colloquially known as “Spygate.”

Carlson led off the interview asking Nunes why the Justice Department would elect not to prosecute Comey for leaking classified memos, something he has admitted to doing (in order to trigger a special counsel investigation against the president, which, of course, happened).

Nunes agreed but cautioned that what investigative reporter John Solomon of The Hill actually noted this week in exclusively reporting that DoJ was passing on Comey’s Espionage Act violations is the likelihood of holding him accountable for bigger crimes.

Solomon’s sources, Nunes noted, told him that the IG’s office “made a recommendation” to prosecute Comey. But just because the DoJ declined “does not mean he’s not going to be” investigated further.

“Remember, the U.S. Attorney in Connecticut (John Durham) is taking all of this information in” as he continues, under Barr’s directive, to prove abuses of the FISA court and other actions taken on behalf of the Obama administration and beyond in connection with Spygate, Nunes continued.

Durham “has taken our criminal referrals, for example,” Nunes said, citing referrals he made as ranking member of the Intelligence Committee earlier this year.


Solomon responded: “I do agree with you. The sources are telling me to stay tunedThere’s a lot more to come down the pike on Jim Comey. He signed the first FISA agreement and that’s going to turn out to be a fraudulent or misleading document.”

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