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Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Makes Stunning Admission About Epstein & Alleged Pedophile Bust: “Quite Likely That Some of Our Faves Are Implicated”

Opinion of Elder Patriot| ICYMI, we published this piece July 7th, when Epstein was first arrested.  Now that Jeff has committed “suicide” we think revisiting this article is extremely interesting and raises even more questions …

Well, we knew this was coming.  Nearly 20 months ago former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino absolutely eviscerated the lies of Clinton apologist Nick Merrill while discussing Hillary Clinton.

Let’s begin by taking a stroll back in time using Twitter’s time machine: 

The Bongino began dropping bombs… one after another.

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By the end of their mostly one-sided Twitter exchange, Bongino had unloaded an ominous warning on Merrill concerning covicted sex offender and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton and many of their influential associates.

And, while the wheels of justice turn slowly, we went to sleep last night having learned that Epstein had been arrested:

Christine Pelosi, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s daughter began readying her followers for the worst: 

“It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated” – Pelosi 

WTF?  Pelosi is signaling her followers that it’s “likely” that certain politicians, influence peddlers, academicians, and business leaders she likes are going to be outed by Epstein’s arrest?

Why would she say that unless she had prior suspicions?  And, if she did, why did this self-proclaimed feminist and protector of innocent little girls (boys?) remain silent.

We know why.  Powerful people hurt those who threaten them.  And, that’s the way it remains until those powerful people lose their power.  

In Joe Biden’s words, “c’mon folks.”  None of this is exactly a surprise.  

We’ve been reporting on open source files about the Clintons and Epstein since early 2016.  Other alternative news sites probably longer ago than that.  

A month after President Trump assumed office he announced a White House initiative to take legislative action to finally put an end to human trafficking.

If anyone in the mainstream media gave a spit they would have at least investigated the allegations that were being floated.  Instead, they buried the story and protected the Clintons… and themselves. And they let these poor children suffer.

Matt Lauer of NBC tried exposing Madame Hillary: 

Lauer’s career was destroyed instead of winning a pulitzer for uncovering the most heinous abuse of power by public figures, imaginable.

The Miami Herald deserves a great deal of credit for their work in getting us to this point.

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Now, it’s up to President Trump to make it rain:

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