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After America Figures Out That Lindsey Part Of The Swamp, Graham Panics & Confirms It In My Mind


After America Figures Out That Lindsey Part Of The Swamp, Graham Panics & Confirms It In My Mind

Baish’s Opinion Republican Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham of South Carolina spoke to investigative reporter Sara A. Carter recently, saying that he hopes to have all documents relating to Spygate released to America.

The Gateway Pundit explains, “President Trump gave Attorney General Bill Barr the authority to declassify Spygate documents several weeks ago yet we still haven’t seen anything. Senator Graham also hinted there are questions as to whether the investigation into Trump’s campaign started before Crossfire Hurricane began in July of 2016.”

Sara A. Carter reported:

“The American people need to know, not from cable TV but from the documents themselves what actually happened,” Graham said. “I’m not going to jeopardize sources and methods but let me tell you that’s not a concern here.”

“Here’s what I am hoping and pushing for – when it comes to the warrant application, when it comes to the counterintelligence investigation, that we release as much information as possible to tell the story,” Graham added.

Graham stressed the now declassified documents Barr has the authority to release to the public will not violate national security or reveal sources or methods.

He said the information pertaining to former Trump campaign aide George Papadopolous and Page regarding their exchanges with outed FBI spy Cambridge Professor Stephan Halper do not jeopardize national security.

House Republicans are less than thrilled with the Senate Judiciary Chairman’s “showboating” since he took over Senator Grassley’s role as Chairman.

During his time as Chairman, Grassley did his best to get the details out about Spygate. Now, House Republicans have claimed that Graham is purposely putting on a “charade” for voters in his state, and investigative reporter Paul Sperry reported that he is “not doing a f*cking thing.”

Recall back to the end of May when Graham claimed that a “confidential informant is not a spy.”

At the time, the Washington Post reported:

One of the most telling features of Trump’s presidency is the silence of his fellow Republicans. The GOP has largely given up on criticizing his controversial comments, having been rebuked too many times by their base for doing so. The best way to tell when they think Trump has gone too far is when they try to say as little as possible.

But sometimes they can’t help but say what they really think.

That was the case Friday with Sen. Lindsey O. Graham. The South Carolina Republican badly wants to remain in Trump’s good graces — going so far as to admit he moderates his public comments to do so. And yet even in an interview in which he suggested Trump’s concerns about law enforcement were somewhat warranted, Graham issued a subtly strong rebuke of Trump’s evidence-free claim that the FBI was “spying” on his campaign.

Asked by conservative radio talk-show host Hugh Hewitt whether Trump is right to label the situation “spygate,” Graham didn’t directly answer but did say, “A confidential informant is not a spy.”

Graham went on to say that safeguards should be in place to prevent abuses. But Hewitt noted that Graham didn’t exactly answer the question and asked again whether “spygate” was appropriate.

Graham’s response: “I don’t know. Probably not, but I don’t know. I didn’t go to the meeting. I don’t think it’s — I don’t think he’s a spy. And I don’t know who this person was.”

Is Graham to be trusted?

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