Cornel West Loses His Mind on Hannity, Causing Complete Breakdown in Civility [VIDEO]


Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell and Cornel West were scheduled to have a civil debate on defunding the police, urban violence, and the Democratic Party’s inability to govern black communities without causing generational problems.  However, things went off the rails pretty quickly.

Sean talked about Chicago and how the murder rate there for years has been out of control, and the people who complain about police brutality never want to talk about Chicago’s black on black crime problem.  West ceded the point that the Democrats who have been running Chicago since pretty much forever have done a very poor job at handling the city’s crime problems.  He also denounced former Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but then he included President Donald Trump in his diatribe on Chicago’s crime problems.  What does Trump have to do with Chicago’s crime problems?  He never ran the city, never hired a single police officer, never created a single city or Illinois state law… so what gives?  It’s almost like trashing Trump is on the checklist of all leftists in good standing with the Marxist movement.

The show almost immediately turned into mayhem on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, right from the beginning of the segment.   As host Hannity set up the segment in regards to the Democrats’ inability to govern, he was interrupted by West.  The shouting started almost immediately.  Terrell fired back at West for simply recycling past Democratic talking points.  He then tried to have a dialogue with West, “black man to black man,” which seemed to infuriate the Harvard professor. The two guests shouted over each other, with Terrell not liking West calling him “brother.”

“You’re not my brother,” Terrell said.  He went on to tell West that he was hurting black people with his political positions.

After a bunch of shouting that wasn’t all that clear, West shouted at Terrell, “Are you a Christian too? Then, check yourself, negro.”

I’m a white guy, and I’m saying this from my own outside perspective, but when two or more black Americans are in a heated debate, and one of them calls an opponent “negro,” to me, that’s a sign he’s lost the argument, because he has nothing else constructive to say.  Am I the only one who thinks that?

“Oh, my god—you have lost control,” Terrell responded. “You’re a dinosaur.”  Oh, my!

And that’s how it went. Hannity tried to intervene, but uncharacteristically he lost control of his own show for a minute.  The part about defunding the police went just as badly.  It was a spectacle to say the least.


Racial animosity has grown since the May 25 death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd at the hands of the police during an arrest for which he was allegedly using counterfeit money.  Even though there are new videos appearing that show Floyd resisted arrest when police tried to get him into the police cruiser, what Officer Chauvin did, assisted by two other cops with a third who stood by and did nothing to stop it, was wholly unacceptable.  Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck while he was handcuffed behind his back and subdued on the ground.  He kneeled on his neck for 8 long minutes, and that’s what contributed to his death.  There is no excuse.  In every police department across the land it is known that when a suspect is handcuffed the fight is over.  All four officers were fired with Chauvin charged now with Second Degree Murder, and the other three officers have been charged with Aiding and Abetting Second Degree Murder.

The current frenzy over defunding and/or dismantling the police is a very dangerous idea.  It’s most dangerous for the very people the idea is purporting to want to help.  Black communities need police more than anyone else, at least according to crime statistics in every city across the land.  Why take that away from them?  Why do Democrats and the Left constantly apply punishments on black people in the name of so-called “justice” for the black community?

The push for dismantling police is unnecessary.  We already have laws, rules and regulations that condemn, with punishment, the behavior of Chauvin and the other officers.  Instead of attacking all police, of which 99 percent perform their jobs professionally every day, why not focus on enforcing the rules that are already there?   And if we’re going to get into the weeds on discussions about police brutality, the other side has to meet half way.  Police officers are human beings just like the folks in the communities they serve and protect.  To believe that police wake up every morning wondering how they can harass and beat on black people is an absurdity, yet that’s what we’re being told by the race hustlers out there who are pushing for a post-police society.

What’s still happening in many cities needs to be quelled.  It’s already at the point of being out of control in many instances, like in Seattle where protesters and/or rioters have literally taken over 6 to 7 blocks of city property and declared it “Free City Hall” and some referring to it as an “autonomous zone.”   In Virginia rioters are knocking down city and state statues with multiple police cars less than a block away doing nothing about it.  Were they ordered by Democrat leadership to stand down?

Folks, this is what happens in banana republics, not the United States.  Democrats and media aren’t helping things.  In fact, their rhetoric is exacerbating the situation, because they feel that the worse it gets, the worse things will get for President Trump.

So, what’s the answer?  Better minds than mine will know, but the Left is showing us every day that they are not yet willing to end the chaos on the streets of our cities, and that means a use of force will eventually be needed.  God forbid, because a lot of innocent people will be hurt between now and then.

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