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We Just Discovered Why Brennan Is So Scared Of Barr … & He Should Be

Opinion| It appears as though the crooked Deep State is wishing Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions were back in play. explains that they “ran interference for the Deep State and protected them from prosecution. Now, they not only have a no-nonsense bulldog as the Attorney General but also a bulldog as a special prosecutor. Their biggest problem is that they will no longer be able to withhold documents since the AG has the final word on that, and Barr would not have assigned a special prosecutor of Durham’s stature unless he meant business. Nothing can destroy the Deep State quicker than a few long prison sentences.”

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Attorney General Bill Barr assigned top special prosecutor John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia probe.

John Durham, a US Attorney in Connecticut, will examine the origins of Spygate according to a new report by The New York Times, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

It was reported by the New York Times that Durham, who President Donald Trump nominated in 2017, has investigated allegations of wrongdoing among National Security officials in the past.

In the corrupt FBI office in Boston, Massachusetts, Durham played prosecutor, ultimately bringing those officials to justice.

Fox News explains of Durham:

U.S. Attorney John Durham, the longtime lawman tapped to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation, is no stranger to high-stakes assignments that might not make him popular in federal law enforcement circles.

But his reputation as a hard-charging and apolitical prosecutor is what colleagues say has made him the go-to investigator for highly sensitive jobs. And looking into alleged misconduct within the FBI and other government agencies — surrounding the most politically explosive investigation since at least the Clinton era — could be his toughest assignment yet.

People who are close to Durham feel he is up to the challenge.

“He is aggressive, tireless and fair,” former United States attorney for Connecticut Deirdre Daly explained to Fox News during an interview on Wednesday. “He has been tapped by the Justice Department under previous Democratic and Republican administrations to conduct sensitive and significant investigations, so he has done this before for both sides of the aisle, so to speak.”

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