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Trump Just Killed Obama’s “Deal” Selling Us Out To China, Giving Control of One of Our Ports for 40 Years

Opinion| If you were to ask me the biggest difference between Obama and Trump here is what I would tell you: Trump wants what is best for America, Obama wanted what was best for Obama and America’s enemies.

Donald Trump clearly loves America.  Obama, on the other hand, spent every waking hour ******** on our nation and apologizing for the United States abroad.

I’m surprised the Manchurian candidate isn’t in a wheelchair with a bad back considering how often he was bending over for China and other socialist, authoritarian and communist nations.

Take Obama’s Iran deal … What the hell did we get out of it other than likely a now nuclear armed radical Islamic enemy?

I could go on and on but this story is about how Trump took back our sovereignty, reclaiming a port that Barry had giving to China for 40 years.

David Harris points out: Coincidentally, the deal for the port was made in 2012. That same year, rapper Pras Michel of The Fugees funneled 21.6 million dollars of foreign money to the Obama campaign. The money was supplied by Jho Low, a Chinese businessman. Coincidence?

From The Conservative Tribune

A lucrative arrangement for China which was inked during the Obama era has now been dismantled, after the Trump administration raised red flags over the prospect of the Chinese government controlling a U.S. port.

According to the South China Morning Post, the major issue is that Orient Overseas International — a company controlled by the Chinese government via a company called Cosco — owned the Long Beach Container Terminal in California.

The Cosco shipping company is based out of Shanghai and is not to be confused with the U.S. wholesaler Costco.

This means that a major U.S. port was potentially under Beijing’s thumb — a situation that caused alarm bells to go off in Washington.

The 2017 sale of Orient Overseas International to Cosco “raised a red flag with US security agencies, which were unhappy with the idea of a state-owned firm taking indirect ownership of a major port. Cosco now owns 75 percent of OOIL,” explained The Morning Post.

As a result, the Department of Homeland Security stepped in and pushed the Chinese conglomerate to sell the massive shipping terminal in California to “a suitable, unrelated third party” not controlled by China.

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