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People Are Asking If The Notre Dame Fire Was Terrorism … Here Is What He Know

K Baish| In the wake of the horrific Notre Dame Cathedral fire, questions of terrorism have arisen… and with good reason. reports:

There are few possibilities of what caused the fire at Notre Dame. But, I will speak to the possibility of terrorism, although no one really knows what caused the fire yet. But, it is an interesting coincidence that Ines Madani, 22 was sentenced just three days ago for the attempted bombing of Notre Dame using a car filled with propane canisters. Then three days later, there is a massive fire. It could be a coincidence, but it is something that terrorists must do. But, we should all reserve being definite about the cause until after it can be investigated and confirmed. This article is just for speculation.

And the Epoch Times explained that the Cathedral fire was celebrated by an ISIS propaganda group, who called it “retribution and punishment.”

The Times writes that “Al-Muntasir Media appears to be simply using the tragedy to stoke anti-Western and anti-Christian hatred and does not suggest any terrorist activity was behind it. A poster of the burning cathedral was published on April 15, emblazoned with a message in French, which is translated as, ‘Its construction began in the year 1163 and ended in 1345. It’s time to say goodbye to your oratory polytheism.’”

TRAC (Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium) obtained a poster, which is set with the hashtag “Bonne Journée,” which means, “Good Day.”

“The Al-Munatsir media organization has shared propaganda reveling in other terror attacks across Europe in the past as well as using other opportunities to stir up hatred against the West,” reports the Times.

The Guardian UK reported:

cell of radicalised French women guided by Islamic State commanders in Syria was behind a failed terrorist attack near Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral last weekend and planned another violent attack this week before they were intercepted by police, the Paris prosecutor has said.

The women, aged 19, 23 and 39, were arrested in Boussy-Saint-Antoine, a small town 19 miles (30km) south-east of Paris, on Thursday night after they were linked to the discovery of a car packed with gas cylinders parked near the cathedral last weekend. Officials said the women had been planning an imminent violent attack on the busy Gare de Lyon station in Paris and were stopped after a police and intelligence operation described as a “race against time”.

The Paris prosecutor, François Molins, said one of the women arrested, who he referred to as Sarah H, aged 23, had been engaged at different times to two French extremists who themselves had carried out deadly attacks this year.

She had been engaged to Larossi Abballa, who in June murdered a police commander and his police officer partner at their home in Magnanville outside Paris in the presence of their three-year-old son. He filmed the aftermath on Facebook Live before dying in a police raid. She was also betrothed to Adel Kermiche, who slit the throat of an elderly French priest during morning mass in Normandy in July. Her current fiancé was arrested on Thursday, Molins said.

According to the USA Today:

“The cause of the fire is under investigation, but officials say it probably began as an accident during restoration work. The cathedral was in the midst of a $6.8 million renovation project. Arson was ruled out as well as possible terror-related motives, officials said.”

I find it curious that they say they ruled our arson and terrorism so quickly but do not know the cause yet.  The establishment has lost so much credibility, do you trust them to tell us if it were terrorism?  I know I don’t.

This story is developing. We will update as more details become available.

Editor’s Note: We are not claiming to know the origin of the blaze, merely asking questions about it’s origin and supplying context to yesterday’s events.

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