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Bill & Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Tour Goes Terribly Wrong When Pedo Epstein Is Brought Up By Heckler

Kirsters Baish| OPINION| ICYMI| Bill and Hillary Clinton recently began their national speaking tour, but things didn’t go exactly according to plan when a heckler (who happened to be seated in the front row) let them know just how “boring” they were.

The Daily Caller reports, “The New York Post’s Maureen Callahan, who paid $210 to attend the 90-minute talk, wrote about her experience watching ‘longtime Clinton lackey Paul Begala’ launch ‘softballs’ at the Clintons in what, in her opinion, turned out to be a ‘snoozefest.’”

That is, until “the most exciting moment of the night,” when “a man in the front row stood up and interrupted.”

“Bill, this is boring!” the man yelled out. The man tried to ask, “Why don’t you talk about…”

But, Hillary didn’t waste any time before she started talking over him.

She claimed that the “important political conversations” they were attempting to have could be hard to have, especially when they are interrupted by “agent provocateurs.”

“Jeffrey Epstein!” the man yelled out.

The man was quickly removed from the building by security.

Then, Bill was back to talking about “the good old days” when he was President. (You know… before he was impeached.)

“Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution in 2008 and served 13 months in federal prison.

Bill Clinton famously took 26 flights on the registered sex offender’s private jet,” reports the Daily Caller.

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