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Revolt In The Democrat Party: 26 Dems Turn Their Backs On Pelosi, Vote With Republicans To Approve ICE Amendment In Gun Control Bill

Opinion| Dan Bongino’s team reported that 26 Democrats went against Democratic California Representative/House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to side with GOP Republicans to approve an ICE amendment on a gun control legislation vote this week.

The gun law was passed yesterday with a 240-190 vote from the House. The law requires that anyone purchasing firearms must be subject to mandatory background checks.

Bongino’s team reports, “Towards the end of the vote, Republicans added an amendment that would require illegal immigrants who undergo these background checks be reported to ICE. The amendment ended up passing 220-209.”

Via the Hill:

Just moments before the bill to require universal background checks was approved, Republicans were able to peel off more than two dozen Democrats to push through an amendment promoting the deportation of immigrants without legal status.

The addition — requiring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be notified when such an immigrant tries to buy a gun — marked a stunning victory for GOP leaders that left Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her leadership team sniping over who was to blame for their party’s failure to unite in opposition.

The Republicans’ surprise amendment will likely have no practical implications, since the GOP-controlled Senate is unlikely to consider the gun reform legislation in any form.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democrats initially rejected the amendment to alert ICE of illegals trying to purchase firearms earlier in February when the bill passed 23-15 by the House Judiciary Committee. House voting results from Thursday, however, show 26 Democrats voted in favor of the bill with the amendment. Of those 26 Democrats, 22 represent districts that were pro-Trump during the 2016 elections, and 18 were first elected in 2018.

Politico reported that self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist/New York freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was very upset about the vote. The publication was told by inside sources in a meeting that Ocasio-Cortez promised that she would “alert progressive activists when Democrats are voting with the GOP on these motions.”

Republican North Carolina Congressman Richard Hudson spoke to the Daily Caller, saying that Ocasio-Cortez was not sure which was to go on the gun bill because of the ICE amendment, and he thought it was kind of funny.

“I thought it was pretty amazing to watch the Democrats try to decide ‘Do we want to protect illegal immigrants or do we want to confiscate guns more?’ It was kind of funny,” Hudson stated at CPAC.

“You had Ocasio-Cortez, who actually voted yes then switched to no then switched back to present then switch back to yes,” he went on. “So watching them twist themselves in knots trying to decide what’s more important to them—protecting illegal immigrants or confiscating guns was pretty funny.”

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