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James Woods Mops The Floor With Ocasio-Cortez: Here’s “The Way It Works…” “The Last Time Someone Told Americans To Sit Down And Shut Up …”

Opinion| Even Nancy Pelosi seems to think that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is totally over-the-top.

The deal will likely not be approved, and if it were to be approved, it would not be binding, and according to Conservative Tribune, “if it ever became binding, making America a net-zero greenhouse gas emitter would reduce the global temperature by a whopping 0.14 degrees.”

Ocasio-Cortez feels that until someone else can figure out a better plan, she is “the boss.” Conservative actor turned expert Twitter troll, James Woods, explained that that isn’t “the way it works in America.”

“Like I just introduced the Green New Deal two weeks ago, and it’s creating all of this conversation. Why? Because no one else has even tried. Because no one else has even tried,” Ocasio-Cortez stated while speaking at a “Girls Who Code” event on Friday in New York City, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

She continued, “So people are like, ‘Oh it’s unrealistic. Oh it’s vague. Oh it doesn’t address this little minute thing.’ And I’m like, ‘You try. You do it. Cause you’re not. Cause you’re not. So, until you do it, I’m the boss.’ How about that?”

Take a look:

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Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “Yup. If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis. Until then, we’re in charge – and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.”

Yeah, she really said that.

James Woods was quick to remind Ocasio-Cortez (and everyone else) of her mistake.

He tweeted, “So, you may have missed this, but the way it works in America is YOU work for US. The last time somebody told Americans to sit down and shut up was 1776. If you ever learn to read, look it up. You are not only a idiot, you’re an arrogant idiot, and there is nothing more dangerous.”

This may go down in history as James Woods’ most epic tweet smackdown.

Conservative Tribune explains:

The problem with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s rhetoric on the Green New Deal is that it demands that something along the lines of her legislation must be done, even if the vast majority of Americans would oppose it.

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But that’s not how it works. That’s never how any of this works.

Telling people to sit down and shut up won’t get legislation passed. It won’t make us more amenable to a bad piece of legislation. It won’t make conservatives come up with an equally bad piece of legislation on the topic.

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