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KISS Guitarist Ace Frehley Has A Message For Trump Hating Libs: Either Get Behind Trump & Support Him Or GTFO!

 This week, KISS guitarist Ace Frehley spoke out against those who do not support President Donald Trump and the current administration.

He stated that anyone who doesn’t support President Trump should considering making the move to another country.

Breitbart News reports:

Appearing on the “Juliet: Unexpected” podcast, the 67-year-old rocker said that he normally didn’t involve himself in politics, he was annoyed by people who “jump on a bandwagon against our government.”

Frehley stated, “I hate politics. I don’t like talking politics, and I don’t think politics and music mix. I really frown on musicians who get up on a platform and start talking about the president or complain about — I just don’t think it belongs.”

“I’m an entertainer,” he went on. “There’s no reason to bring up politics. Let me play my guitar and write songs and entertain people. That’s my job.”

The guitarist continued on to say that it doesn’t matter if people “love him or hate him.” He explained that they should “get behind” him because he’s the President of our country.

“He was elected. We live under the Constitution of the United States, and you’re supposed to support your president,” Frehley said. “Love him or hate him, you’re supposed to support him, or go move to another country.”

“Being American, we have the right to free speech, and I’m all for everybody putting their two cents in on everything, but when musicians or actors get really verbal and jump on a bandwagon against our government, I don’t agree with that,” he went on.

Breitbart explains, “It is not the first time that Frehley, who co-founded Kiss in 1973 alongside Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Peter Criss, has discussed his disdain for mixing politics with entertainment. In 2014, he said that people in the entertainment business should not ‘get too involved in politics because it kind of blurs things.'”

The Hill reports:

Frehley, who co-founded Kiss in 1973, also recently spoke about the band’s second farewell tour earlier this year, and said in an interview that he isn’t opposed to taking another chance to rock out in the name of Kiss, if given the opportunity again.

“I’m a former member, but I’m a former founding member. And so is Peter Criss. So that kind of sounds like me and Peter might be involved,” Frehley told Fox News at the time. “But I can’t say anything because I haven’t been asked.”

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