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Trey Gowdy To Come In As Trump’s Lawyer And Rudy Giuliani Out Speculates Newsmax


Trey Gowdy To Come In As Trump’s Lawyer And Rudy Giuliani Out Speculates Newsmax

(Newsmax) Speculation mushroomed at the White House on Thursday afternoon that Rudy Giuliani would soon be out as President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, following reports he pursued more than $200,000 in business from the Ukraine government while searching for embarrassing information about the president’s political opponents.

Should Giuliani leave the Trump legal team, several sources told Newsmax, he was likely to be replaced by former Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. — someone President Trump wanted very much to hire in October until discovering Gowdy would have to wait until January to become his lawyer because of federal lobbying rules.

OPINION| Speculation| Lawrence David| Patriot Crier believes there is little likelihood that President Trump would ever throw his friend of thirty-plus years overboard over for turning down the financial inducement from Ukraine to help them recover stolen funds.

The allegation that Rudy ‘pursued’ the stipend is as spacious as the now disproved allegations that George Papadopoulos was going around Europe bragging that he knew Russia was holding Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Both allegations – the first against Trump campaign member Papadopoulos and the current one against President Trump’s personal attorney – appear to be deliberate mischaracterizations by those reporting on ‘brushes’ originating with those attempting to damage the president.

PC can envision only two reasons that Giuliani would be leaving the White House, if he is leaving.  One would be to serve as a fact witness in an investigation of Ukrainian corruption.  

The other reason might be to join U.S. Attorney John Durham’s prosecuting team..

We’re betting this story is just another in the long line of attempts to create division between the president and his most trusted and loyal advisors.

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