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Here’s The REAL STORY From Yesterday’s Impeachment Hearing: The Corporate Media is Providing Dems With a Free Two-Week Campaign Ad


Here’s The REAL STORY From Yesterday’s Impeachment Hearing: The Corporate Media is Providing Dems With a Free Two-Week Campaign Ad

Opinion| Lawrence David| If yesterday’s witnesses are an indication of the level of second, third, and fourth hand testimony we can expect over the next two weeks, then the propaganda media has prostrated itself as nothing more than a Democrat campaign infomercial.

The corrupt, wholly-owned corporate media breathlessly reported that allegations that were the result of hearsay and made without providing a scintilla of firsthand testimony, were shocking.  And damning. 

The last time we saw the media this apoplectic about something that wasn’t true, was their reporting on Trump-Russia collusion.

The Democrat propaganda arm, talking non-stop in favor of impeachment, ignored the fact that Republican congressmen completely eviscerated the allegations of yesterday’s star witnesses.

The committee’s ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA) set the stage with his opening statement:

Nunes listed a number of lies and false ‘leaks’ to the media that the committee’s chairman Adam Schiff, along with other Democrat committee members, had previously employed while propagating the Russia hoax and then said:

Nunes: “Forget about countless other deceptions large and small that make them the last people on earth with the credibility to hurl more preposterous accusations at their political opponents.

“And yet now we’re supposed to take these people at face value when they trot out a new batch of allegations.

“But anyone familiar with the Democrats’ scorched earth war against President Trump would not be surprised to see all the typical signs that this is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign…

“… The witnesses deemed suitable for television by the Democrats were put through a closed-door audition process…”

After that, it took three Republican interrogators less than 18 minutes to destroy the Democrat’s carefully scripted two-week long, made for TV, campaign extravaganza:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) established, through the testimony of Adam Schiff’s star witnesses, that no conditions had been placed on the aid that had been promised to Ukraine.

In other words, there was no quid.

He also got Ambassador Taylor to admit he had no first-hand knowledge of any of the events that are the basis for the current hearings.  This should not be confused with the phony “Steele” dossier that was almost certainly written by others (Fusion GPS?).

Rep. John Ratcliffe proceeded took it from there, getting the star witness to admit there was no quo.

Amb. Taylor agreed with multiple news reports that Ukrainian President Zelensky said  he never felt pressured by the U.S. and that he wasn’t even aware that military aid had been delayed.

Rep. Elise Stefanik drove it home the two most important points in defense of the president during her interrogation of star witnesses Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent and Amb. Taylor.  

  • Ukraine received the aid.
  • There was no investigation into Biden.

No quid and no quo.

DASOS Kent admitted that, while serving in the Obama administration, he was so concerned about corruption questions related to Burisma that he asked USAID to cease its association with Burisma. 

Now that Donald Trump is president, any mention of the corruption at Burisma Holdings, and its connections to former Obama administration officials is off limits and impeachable.

These are the same characters who claimed they had no choice but to investigate allegations of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia… that they themselves invested.

And, why is the mainstream media providing corrupt politicians and their Deep State co-conspirators – John Brennen, James Clapper, Andy McCabe, etc) – so much free airtime to influence the public’s perception using nothing but hearsay?

WTF are they hiding?  

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt establishment with a new government, controlled by you the American people.

“The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it exists for only one reason, to protect and enrich itself.”

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