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Facebook Kicks Cens***** Into High Gear, Deletes Pro Trump Pages W/ 3.4 Million Fans Hours Before Congressional Deadline To Provide Documents On Their Anti Competitive/Antitrust Crimes

Mark Sidney

Facebook Kicks Cens***** Into High Gear, Deletes Pro Trump Pages W/ 3.4 Million Fans Hours Before Congressional Deadline To Provide Documents On Their Anti Competitive/Antitrust Crimes

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  This is it.  Facebook is going for broke.  

The ‘Speech Cartel’s’ leading cenor, in my view, Facebook, has signaled that they are putting the proverbial, pedal to the metal, when it comes to bankrupting and silencing any and all pro Trump voices on the ‘platform.’

Readers of our site are likely well aware that Facebook has ‘unpublished’ both of our largest Facebook Pages, ‘Donald Trump Is Our President’ (3,2770,000 fans), ‘Hillary For Prison’ (1,300,000 fans) in the last month.  Only by God’s grace have we been able to get them back. It was only by God, acting through you, and thanks to your assistance in spreading the word of Facebook’s tyrannical efforts to manipulate our elections and participate in this coup against our duly elected President, that our Pages were restored.

Just last week Facebook went so far as to ‘unpublish’ the page of American, Trump (who just so happens to be black) supporting ,media personality, David J Harris Jrmoments after he live streamed an event which President Trump had invited him to join him at.  The livestream featured President Trump speaking to a room full of black conservatives. 

Unfortunately for Facebook’s plans to throw the election to the Democrats, David was able to alert people … ‘in a position to help’ and he too, got his Page back … for now.

We must learn from this. WE HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THEM.  All we have to do is shine light on their crimes and tyrannical behavior!

Let’s not forget the 810 accounts and profiles that Facebook just memory holed back on October 11th, 2018, a mere 3 weeks before the vital midterm elections.   From the research we have done, we estimate that well over 160,000,000 pro Trump fans were lost in, what has been come to be known as ‘The Purge’.   Because of the fact that NOTHING (that I am aware of) happened to Facebook after this absurdly blatant election interference maneuver, Facebook has only gotten bolder, MUCH BOLDER, in their efforts to ensure Trump is removed from office ASAP, IMHO.

Despite having their hand finally  being caught in the cookie jar, and getting called on it, at least twice in the last month (there could be more instances that I am not aware of where FB was called on their Stalinesque censorship and recanted), Facebook still continues their assault on anyone, and everyone, supportive of President Trump on their ‘platform for all ideas’.

Just hours ago, whoever is calling the shots over at Facebook, removed ‘LaCorte News‘ and their 3,400,000 fans.  LaCorte news is by no means a lightweight operation.  According to information on their website:

LaCorte News was founded by Ken LaCorte, a longtime senior executive at Fox News who ran for over a decade. He’s joined by editor-in-chief John Moody, who ran the news division at Fox News for 14 years. The focus of LaCorte News is on media bias and online censorship. The irony is not lost on us.”

If Facebook is willing to take these, seasoned professionals down, they will take ALL OF US DOWNThe only defense we have is sunlight, and that is where you come in.  There are two things, and two things only, which Facebook ever yields to: the first is you and I, or ‘we the people’: 

In the past Facebook has been forced to bow to negative press. You and I have the power to push things into the consciousness of nation.  That power is under an all out assault right now, so we need to use it, or it will continue to be eaten away at, and completely removed.   We need to spread that word about what Facebook is doing, has done, especially to LaCorte News ( as this news is just breaking), and what they plan on doing: SILENCING US ALL.

The other thing Facebook fears is the US Government.  Although the hacks in the legislative branch (they are not all hacks, there are a handful of good men and women among them) like to grandstand at hearings and pile on Zuckerberg, they are yet to lift as much as a finger to help solve the real problem: social media censorship and the destruction of liberty on the internet. This is likely because they do not want to stop the crack down on social media, as you and I use the platforms to expose the rampant corruption in Washington.

President Trump, on the other hand, has met with Zuckerberg, and I have it on good authority that the White House has told Facebook that they know what they are doing, and if they do not stop, they will regret it … ‘BIGLY.’

Breitbart reported on the LaCorte deplatforming saying that:

“Facebook has erased LaCorte News, a news organization founded by a former Fox News executive, citing “spam and misrepresentation.”

LaCorte News was founded by former Fox News executives Ken LaCorte and John Moody. The site focuses on media bias and online censorship, and had recently been reporting heavily on the “whistleblower” media blackout.

Both LaCorte and Moody had long careers in the highest levels of the mainstream media. LaCorte ran for over a decade, while Moody served as Executive Editor and Executive Vice President of Fox News. Prior to that, he was CEO of NewsCore, the internal wire service of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

The ban of LaCorte News and other LaCorte-owned publications came soon after Facebook threatened to remove any pages that named the alleged whistleblower, [REDACTED.] (out of fear of Facebook reprisal, this is a clear and obvious prior restraint on speech, IMHO)

LaCorte’s pages had been temporarily suspended ahead of the full ban after LaCorte named [REDACTED] as the alleged whistleblower. Breitbart News and other conservative publications also faced censorship from Facebook for reporting on the naming of the alleged whistleblower.

“First Facebook temporarily suspended us for reporting the whistleblower’s name,” said founder Ken LaCorte. “We complied, and the suspension was lifted. Shortly after we posted an image about the blackout – with the whistleblower’s name obscured — the company wiped out all of our pages on Facebook, Instagram and the personal accounts of me and a number of the company’s writers and editors.”

The ban came minutes after LaCorte posted this final image on its Facebook page.”

Original Image Was Redacted, We Added A More Heavy Redaction … Just To Be Safe From FB Tyranny

“They said not to post his name, so we censored ourselves but still got wiped out,” said LaCorte. “We, an American news site, literally removed information about a central figure in the impeachment inquiry of a U.S. president to make Facebook happy. Evidently, that wasn’t enough. It’s Orwellian””

If this does not get you motivated to save you own ass, I do not know what will.

We need to stand up for LaCorte News, for if we do not, YOU AND I WILL BE NEXT!

Please spread this article, if you are a publisher feel free to copy and paste it to your site, I don’t even care if you take credit for writing it, all that matters is that Americans wake up and stop sitting back and letting our God given right to express ourselves, and our views, be stolen from us by some Silicon Valley tyrants with out of control God complexes!

The time to decide which side you are on is now.  Either you pick up your skirt, grab you *****, and start using your voice to defend the oppressed and deplatformed, or soon enough YOU TOO WILL BE GONE.  The ball is in your court America!

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Father, Husband, Son. Mark is just a regular guy from a blue color family who writes opinion articles. Sidney, a victim of ideological based social media censorship, knows first hand just how dangerous Silicon Valley's unchecked power over who gets to speak, and be heard, on the internet is and prays daily that the 1st Amendment will once again reign supreme. To this end he has co-founded, a social media site where the 1st Amendment is the Community Standard. Mark has Economics & Political Science degrees from Rutgers University.

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