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Lindsey Graham Lectures Trump “We’ll Make That Decision, Not the President” Concerning Who Republicans Will Call to Testify in Impeachment Hearings


Lindsey Graham Lectures Trump “We’ll Make That Decision, Not the President” Concerning Who Republicans Will Call to Testify in Impeachment Hearings

Opinion| Mark Sidney| Lindsey Graham never fails to let Patriots down.

We have warned time and time again, that Senator Graham is not really on the side of those who seek to put America first.

I have pictured it in my mind, over and over again.  The House votes to impeach Trump on some bogus nonsensical charge and the trial begins in the Senate.

Everyone on the right is expecting the President to be acquitted as the Republicans have control of the Senate, and 67 votes are needed to remove the President.  However, as the voting begins, a wave of compromised Republicans, including Graham, McConnell and others throw Trump right under the bus.

I will warn the Republican Party one more time:  If you abandon Trump and vote to remove him from office, your party will collapse, FOREVER.  There will be no coming back from that.

You will end up accomplishing exactly what you prayed would never happen, you would splinter the party into two.  On one side would be the neocoon establishment Republicans, making up about 20% of the former Republican Party.

The other party that would be formed, would likely be lead by Trump and the rest of the Republicans and Democrats who have had enough of Washington’s corruption and graft at the taxpayer’s expense.

Trump would become more powerful and influential in American politics, going forward, than anyone could have ever foreseen.

So, why do I think Graham is going to toss Trump under the bus?

For one, he already has by refusing to call any witnesses with exculpatory evidence to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The newest evidence was just published by the Gateway Pundit:

“On May 1, 2019 Lindsey Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, promised investigations on how the Mueller probe started.

He made the the comments during testimony by US Attorney General Bill Barr in front of the US Senate.

But Lindsey Graham lied.
Lindsey Graham is a fraud.

Lindsey Graham has scheduled NO COMMITTEE HEARINGS on Deep State, FBI, CIA, Spygate, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mueller, Stefan Halper, George Papadopoulos, Tom Fitton, Sidney Powell, Joe diGenova, John Brennan, James Comey, Chris Wray, etc.

Here is the list of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings since Lindsey Graham made that lie back on May 1, 2019.

Now Lindsey Graham and the spineless Republicans are scared to call crooked Hunter Biden in to testify in the Trump impeachment hearings.

The Biden Crime Family pocketed millions in international pay-for-play schemes while Joe Biden was Vice President.

This is a clear example of criminal behavior.
Republican senators are not interested.”

As if that was not enough, donthing Senator Graham, is now grandstanding and trying to lecture Trump that HE has the POWER over Trump’s fate, not the President.

While Graham is technically correct, the Senate does have the power, unless Lindsey is considering throwing Trump under his own train, why would he say it this was?

The Hill reported:

Trump escalated the effort on Thursday when he tweeted that the Bidens “must testify” — raising the specter that the president’s lawyers or GOP senators could try to drag them into the public impeachment trial.

“What did Hunter Biden do for the money?” @SenJohnKennedy A very good question. He and Sleepy Joe must testify!” Trump tweeted.

But a push to focus on the Bidens as part of an impeachment trial quickly received a cool reception from Republicans on Capitol Hill.

“His lawyers, I presume, can ask for any witnesses they want. But I think we ought to keep focus on the articles of impeachment and not go down any rabbit trails,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told The Hill.

Asked about Trump floating that the Bidens should testify, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he didn’t understand it as a “defense to the president.”

“We’ll make that decision, not the president,” Graham added.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), pressed about Hunter Biden being called to testify, replied: “I’m not sure what he would add.”

I do not trust Graham … nor the Republicans in the Senate.  The question is, are they prepared to never win an election again and turn the country over the the rabidly authoritarian Democratic Party?

I pray to God they do not take this course.

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Father, Husband, Son. Mark is just a regular guy from a blue color family who writes opinion articles. Sidney, a victim of ideological based social media censorship, knows first hand just how dangerous Silicon Valley's unchecked power over who gets to speak, and be heard, on the internet is and prays daily that the 1st Amendment will once again reign supreme. To this end he has co-founded, a social media site where the 1st Amendment is the Community Standard. Mark has Economics & Political Science degrees from Rutgers University.

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