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BREAKING: Biden In Hot Seat As House R’s on Impeachment Inquiry Committee Want to Question Hunter Biden – Schiff to Block?


BREAKING: Biden In Hot Seat As House R’s on Impeachment Inquiry Committee Want to Question Hunter Biden – Schiff to Block?

Opinion| Lawrence David| It appears that House Republicans defending the presidency will be attempting to stick a pin in Adam Schiff’s impeachment hot-air balloon by calling witnesses to expose the gross hypocrisy underlying the hearings and the greater wrongdoing of the Obama administration.

(Fox News) EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans plan to call Hunter Biden, the Ukraine whistleblower and a range of other witnesses to testify in the upcoming public Trump impeachment hearings, according to a witness list obtained exclusively by Fox News.

But, here’s the rub:

It is unclear, at this point, how many of the Republicans’ proposed witnesses will be approved by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the Democrats, because the newly-approved resolution governing the impeachment inquiry give the approval power to the chairman and the members of the majority.

Even if they are allowed to testify, it’s unlikely Schiff will permit any lines of questioning that threatens to undermine his threadbare impeachment narrative.  

Recall Alexander Vindman’s October 23rd testimony.  According to the transcript of Vindman’s testimony, Schiff repeatedly interrupted Republicans interrogating Vindman and even ordered him not to answer a number of questions.

In other words, Schiff has structured the rules to allow him to construct any narrative that he might be able to piece together that might be harmful to President Trump while blocking any testimony that is exculpatory and might contradict the testimony of his hand-chosen witnesses.

The committee’s ranking member, Devin Nunes (D-CA), sent a letter to Schiff late yesterday demanding that Chairman Schiff appear for a deposition behind closed doors ahead of the public hearings next week to testify on his contacts with the whistleblower.

You can bet the ranch that Schiff won’t agree to appear because he’d be forced to answer questions about his interactions with the ‘whistleblower’ prior to the complaint being filed with the Intelligence Community Inspector General. 

The smart money says that Schiff will block the appearance of Hunter Biden and the so-called whistleblower who served as the trigger for this sham impeachment effort and who has now conveniently disappeared.


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