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UPDATED: Facebook Takes Down Famous Black Trump Supporter, David J Harris Jr’s 700,000 Follower Page!

UPDATED: David got his Page back last night!  Thank you to all who helped raise awareness for David and to Facebook for doing the right thing!


David just told me that “I was just with the President today for the launch of Black Voices for Trump… My page shut down after I went live from that event”

Well, if Facebook wanted Trump’s attention, they sure got it now!  I think this is going to be a turning point for them.

David J Harris Jr With His Friend, Donald Trump Jr

Facebook has just removed all doubt from my mind as to whether or not they plan on going balls to the wall when it comes to meddling in the 2020 elections.

David J Harris Jr, is one of the nicest, most genuine, God fearing men, I have ever met.  He does not have a nasty bone in his body, nor have I ever heard him say anything even remotely inappropriate.

David J Harris Jr At The White House

When Facebook unpublished my Page back on October 11th, it was David, whom I just met moments before, who offered to do all he could to help me get my asset back.  That is the kind of person David is, always looking to help others.

For Facebook to remove his Page for “…organiz[ing] criminal activity, or celebrat[ing] crimes that have been committed” is beyond absurd.

Here is the screenshot David just sent me moments ago.

There is no explanation, in fact David had told me that the 14 flags that he had magically appear on his Page a few days back, were gone this afternoon.  I updated my video about what was happening to David to give Facebook credit for making things right as soon as I learned of the developments.

Now I learn that Mr. Harris Jr’s Fan Page with 700,000 followers was just unpublished moments ago.

The only thing we can think of is that Facebook is made a rule, which they told no one about, that you can not publish information about the ‘whistleblower.’  This is the most Orwellian thing I have heard in my life.

There is nothing illegal about saying the whistleblower’s name.  The MSM has published it, hell, Schiff’s own committee published it in their notes!  This time I think Facebook has went too far and the world is about to cave in with them over this gargantuan miscalculation.

If they can take down a friend of the Trump family, a celebrity in the conservative community, one of the most honorable men I know, they can, AND WILL TAKE US ALL DOWN.

This is a defining moment in human history.  You need to pick a side.

Will you join us in standing up to this tyrannical oppression and the ‘Speech Cartel’ crushing our God given right to speak freely, or will you cower and just hope FB does not delete you too … yet?

I know talking about this will risk my livelihood.  Who cares, either we stand up for what is right, or we become slaves, the choice is clear. Which side of history will you be on?

If we all stick together, they can not delete us all! However, if we shy away and hope we do not get unpublished too, they will end up taking us all down incrementally.

Let’s make #IStandWithDavidHarrisJr trend on social media!

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