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Steve Bannon Ends The Bidens For Good: “Joe Biden is a Hand Grenade and Hunter Biden is the Pin”

Opinion| Mark Sidney| Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon joined Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.  

Bannon notes that the latest Democrat scam impeachment “investigation” is in reaction to, and meant to neuter, the coming revelations of Obama administration corruption in coordination (collusion) with the former Ukrainian government.

Bannon: For a young stand-up comedian who runs on an anti-corruption platform, the President of the United States is trying to make sure we don’t have additional corruption.

And, that the United States, particularly, hasn’t brought the Biden-type of corruption to the Ukraine.

So, if Adam Schiff is going to sit there and argue that Joe Biden is above the law, Hunter Biden is above the law, the Bidens have to be called [to testify].

Joe Biden is a hand grenade and Hunter Biden is the pin.  And, when that pin gets pulled the shrapnel is going to blow back all over the Democratic establishment.

No matter how this plays out, I think we can agree that this is going to be one hell of a election year….

Let the bodies hit the floor! (Metaphorically)

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