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President Trump Drops Epic Troll Tweet After Robert Francis O’Rourke Drops Out, Calls It Quits

Opinion| Mark Sidney| Robert Francis O’rourke did his part in furthering the erossions of our liberties during the course of the Democratic debates.

The prodigy of extremely wealthy families, Robert Francis adopted the name ‘Beto,’ in what many believe to be a ploy designed to get ignorant voters to assume he is not the whitest guy on Earth.

Two things, one, there is nothing wrong with being the whitest guy on Earth (unless you are denying your heritage,) and two, if ‘white privilege’ exists …. why pretend not to be white?  Sorry, asking for a friend.

I know I am supposed to wait to tell you think until the end of the article, but it is being reported that Beto has finally realized what we could have told him months ago … no one wants you to be President dude.  One of the only people with lower poll numbers is likely Zuckerberg himself.

The Gateway Pundit Reported:

“AR15 owners across America just might be safe, for now, as the boy who would forcibly remove rifles, Beto O’Rourke, has called it quits and is dropping out of the bid for the Democrat Presidential nomination. The white Irishman with the Latino nickname made the announcement via his twitter feed, in tandem with a long winded rhetorical bloviation on a Medium post:”

President Trump responded to the news:

Elizabeth Warren, the Native daughter of the original Americans, chimed in with so Cherokee wisdom as well, jk, she is just as white as Beto.

Sounds to me like Liz may be looking at positioning herself as the new Hitlerian gun confiscation queen.  I guess only time will tell.

TGWP added “Along with Kamala Harris announcing yuge cuts to her campaign staff, we are starting to see the dominoes fall. Only the least weak of the weakest will survive.”

I still maintain that the Democratic nominee is yet to enter the race.  I do not see any of the candidates on the trail as being capable of holding Trump’s … well, nevermind.

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