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Trump’s Lawyer, Giuliani, Warns Democrats “The Truth Will Emerge… You Will Be Surprised by the Pattern of Corruption Dems Are Covering Up”

Opinion| It’s hard not to enjoy watching Rudy Giuliani when he pops in on Hannity or another show on Fox News.

I love how to is always taunting the Dems and his confidence is reassuring as well.

Former New York Mayor/current lawyer to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, sent out multiple tweets on Wednesday evening in which he warned that “the truth will emerge” when it comes to exposing the Democratic “pattern of corruption” cover-up.

Things are worse than we previously thought, and Democrats continue to skate around the truth.

Giuliani tweeted, “Frenzied Dems propose impeachment based on @realDonaldTrump acting under Art 2, sec III of our Constitution, asking for an investigation of serious crime committed in 2016 that did great damage to US and Ukraine.”

The Gateway Pundit reported: Rudy Giuliani: Schiff is thanking him for his secret testimony and for giving advice to two countries. I thought he worked for US. Schiff is using this to cover-up major Pay-for-Play Dem scandal. Ukraine corruption was not only one. Corrupt media is enabling this phony. The truth will emerge.

Rudy Giuliani: Schiff is Joe McCarthy with corrupt media on his side. When cooler heads prevail you will be surprised by the pattern of corruption Dems are covering up.”

I can only guess how these chips are going to fall, but it sure feels like the good guys are going to come through with a counter punch that knocks the DS on it’s ass once and for all

Stay tuned for more …

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