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The ‘Trump Curse’ Strikes Yes Again, This Time Washington Nationals Suffer It’s Wrath [Satire]

Opinion/Satire| Mark Sidney|  Oh, no!  It looks like the “Trump Curse” may be back!

If you recall, many athletes who publicly trash our President, end up not performing up to par when the spotlight is on them.

Urban Dictionary explains (no fact checkers, we are not suggesting Urban Dictionary is a solid source, but it is funny as all heck!)

The “Trump Curse” is a theory that anyone who says or does negative towards Donald Trump will be cursed with bad luck or negative karma.

Since his run for the Presidency documentation of the Trump Curse in action has been widespread, and has resulted in several memes showcasing it.

The origin of the Trump Curse is a mystery, but it is speculated that the mass hexes being carried out around the world are actually backfiring and hexing those who oppose Trump.

P1: Did you hear about the idiot who shot himself in the face while taking a selfie?

P2: Yeah, he was posting anti-Trump sh*t.

P1: It’s the Trump Curse!”

Alleged “victims’ of the curse have included, but are not limited to Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn, who ‘got out in front of skis’, (see what I did there ;)?) and talked a mountain of s*** about Mr. Trump, then went on to underwhelm in her competitions.   Ms Vonn became a darling of the left while she was going around the international community trying to embarrass our President.  Vonn later ended up getting hurt.  We hope she has made a full recovery, not just physically, but mentally/politically too 😉

Let us not forget the original multimillion dollar victim of oppression, at the hands of Trump of course ;), Colin Kaepernick.  He did a little better for himself tho, he was able to extort (<my opinion) the NFL into a settlement over his allegations the NFL owners were colluding to keep him out of the league.

No Snopes, Kaepernick was not at Normandy on D-Day

I could go on for a while longer, however, let’s jump to the latest incarnation of ‘ The Trump Curse.”  The Washington Nationals, who you would think, just the fact that they are from the swamp, should preclude them from a winning, just on a karmic level, seem to be suffering from curse of the almighty Trump.

I bet you saw the clip of President Trump getting booed at the National’s game during the World Series this weekend.  If not:

Some are saying the audio is not genuine, but I’ll take the media at their word on this one.  I mean, crap, what a shocker that there are people who live in the swamp, the one Trump is draining, who voted 92.8% for Kleptocratic hall of fame member, hell, chairwoman, Hillary Clinton, that do not like President Trump.

I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if Trump went to a game somewhere around here:

Yes Media Matters, there is a rash of blue under the South West arrow. Do not worry, we are working on that, a little bit of freedom would clear that right up.

The Washington Nationals lost their third game in a row during their World Series against the Houston Astros this past weekend. The losses came after the Nats won the first two games of the World Classic, IN HOUSTON.

Growing up, my hockey coach always used to say that, ‘a 2 goal lead is the worst lead in hockey.’  His point being, when you get ahead there is the temptation to pump the breaks and play defensively, which is what losers do.

Both hockey and life, are both similar to being in a fist fight, either you are busy punching, or you are busy getting punched, pick one (I suggest you start punching as it sure beats getting your ass kicked.)

I was not in the National’s locker room but I would be dollars to donuts that the team was already talking about how they would celebrate their World Series win and began resting on their laurels.  Since those two wins, they have only scores a single run in each game.

Following the two wins IN HOUSTON, the Nats were headed back to Washington for 3 games at home.  All they had to do was win 2 of those games and they would be the World champions, and be able to celebrate the victory at home.

By the way, it was not just the mistreatment of President Trump when he was announced at the game.  The Nationals have been showing symptoms of TDS for sometime now.  For instance, I am unsure who made this call, if it was the Nats or MLB itself, but, in what appears to be an effort to rub it in Trump’s face, the had anti-Trumper chef Jose Andres throw out the first pitch of the game.  I never heard of him to be honest.  It felt pretty desperate and low in my view and oh so classy guys, real classy.

A report was soon released explaining that team owners were against sitting beside the President.  So it’s not just the boo’s and the chants, it looks like, at least the decision makers over at the Nats operation, are not merely not fans of Trump, they are willing to go out of their way to try to hurt our POTUS.

More from the Washington Post:

When the president was announced on the public address system after the third inning as part of a tribute to veterans, the crowd roared into sustained booing — hitting almost 100 decibels. Chants of “Lock him up” and “Impeach Trump” then broke out at Nationals Park, where a sellout crowd was watching the game between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros.

The president appeared unmoved, waving to fans and soon moving to chat with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in his luxury box along the third base line.

Trump, who has virtually never been seen in Washington outside the White House, his own hotel and a handful of other highly controlled settings, came with the first lady, a coterie of Republican members of Congress and top aides, who could be seen smiling, chatting and posing for selfies throughout the game. He entered without fanfare about eight minutes before first pitch, only spotted by a few in the crowd.

So, is there a ‘Trump Curse?’  No one will ever know, but it sure is fun to speculate about.  I’m sure we will take heat for even joking about this, but if we were to talk about the ‘Curse of The Great Bambino,’ no one would say jack … It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome, and there is a cure for it, take the red pill.

Because of how Orwellian a society we live, I feel if I do not say this I could get ‘dinged’ by a ‘fact checker.’ I do not think nor am I representing ‘The Trump Curse” to be a real thing.  We are having fun.  Lighten up Pointer Institute, laugh a little.

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