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BREAKING: ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi KILLED In US Raid Reports Kuwaiti Annahar News [UPDATED & CONFIRMED]

UPDATE: This story has been CONFIRMED by President Trump!

Opinion| Mark Sidney| Before we get into the meat, and it is some RED MEAT, I want to stress that these are initial reports and the situation on the ground can, and often does, change quickly.

Now that, that is out of the way … Do you remember when the media and the left was s******* bricks over Trump’s withdrawal of a few troops from Syria?  ‘The Kurds will be slaughtered!”  “Isis will take over the region!” the media said.

Senators Schumer and Graham, two peas in a pod as far as I am concerned, warned … or threatened (IMHO), that there could be another 9/11 style attack if Trump pulled the few troops we had left, out.

Well, soon after, Trump announced that Pence had hammered out a deal with Turkey to draw up a ceasefire.  The left said it wasn’t working.

ABC News had even showing video of a US machine gun shoot and tried to pass it off as Trump’s fault and as if it occurred in Syria lol. yes, seriously

Well, it looks like that was not all that Trump was able to get out of Turkey.  To be clear, no one is saying that Turkey is the one who gave up al-Baghdadi, but the timing makes one go … hmmmm.

A few hours ago Trump sent out a cryptic Tweet:

Everyone was wondering what the hell Trump was talking about, well …

According to The Gateway Pundit ( I told you they were good):

“Via Annahar News —
Translated from Arabic by Microsoft
#عاجل- United States: A raid targeting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and killing him”

This explains President Trump’s tweet an hour ago.

Josh Rogin reported this an hour ago…

It looks like the 4D chessmaster is large and incharge, and has likely just cut off the head of ISIS.

Pour a cold one out for those who lost their lives working towards this day.  Then, let’s bring out boys home!

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