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Rep. Scalise Exposes Schiff’s Tyranical Coup, Says Tyrant ‘Got Up And Left W/ The Witness’ When GOP Breached ‘Backroom’

Opinion| Mark Sidney| I have disclosed the site I visit first thing every morning in order to learn about the stories the Democrat controlled media, (my opinion) does not want us to read is  Usually Jim Hoft and his team of patriots has done all the heavy lifting for me and have published the most important articles of the day.

The next place I choose to visit, by directly via entering the domain into my web browser, is  Dan Bongino is a former leading agent in the Secret Service who, upon exiting the government, became an analyst and conservative commentator.

Today, as usual, reading paid off, here’s why.  Dan published an article about just how corrupt the Democrat’s impeachment, no wait, it’s not an impeachment, and impeachment involves the entire House, this is a COUP, effort is.

Bongino begins:

“Yesterday was quite the show when “about two dozen Republican lawmakers” reportedly pushed into the secure rooms of the House Intelligence Committee chanting “Let us in! Let us in!” Eventually Laura K. Cooper, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, answered questions for roughly four hours after a reported five hour delay.

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan said “the members have just had it, and they want to be able to see and represent their constituents.” House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff claims Republicans compromised security at Wednesday’s closed-door deposition.

The interviews are “being held in what is called a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, which is a secure room where members can hear classified information” reported the Associated Press.

Schiff accused “The president’s allies in Congress” of “trying to make it even more difficult for these witnesses to cooperate.” He also says “closed-door hearings are necessary to prevent witnesses from concealing the truth and has promised to release the transcripts when it will not affect the investigation.””

Bongino then refers to this Tweet that Rep Steve Scalise, the Congressman who was nearly shot to death by a radical leftist while playing softball, published earlier today.

Scalise said that Rep. Schiff left the room and took the wittness with him when the GOP members breached the room they were using, essentially as their coup’s ‘star chamber’, stating:

“If people scatter out of a room when you walk in & turn on the light, it begs the question: what are they hiding in there? That’s exactly what happened when my colleagues & I entered the backroom Schiff is trying to impeach @realDonaldTrump from to get the truth. Unacceptable!”

How much more of this will the American people put up with?  This is not what impeachment is supposed to look like, and as far as I understand it is never what it HAS looked like.

Make no mistake, this is a coup. Period, full stop.  Impeachments happen in the spotlight, coups happen in back rooms.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant, if the Dems have nothing to hide, then why are they hiding this all from the America people, and half the the government body we elected to represent us?

This is tyrannical, plain and simple.


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