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Breaking: Judson Sapp Announces He Is Going To Help Take Back Congress For The People In 2020

OPINION| Mark Sidney|  As readers of our site and Facebook Pages know, I was at the American Priority Conference at The Trump Doral Resort in Miami last week.

While there, I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people.  A handful of those people stood out as rising stars, one of those people was Judson Sapp.

Mr. Sapp and I ended up waiting in a line for about an hour together, during which time we talked about the issues facing our nation, and how we needed to end the corporatism that has turned our federal government into a kleptocracy.

When I met Judson I had no idea that he was planning on running for office.  This was a blessing, as it allowed us to have a candid, citizen to citizen, conversation about many issues.  These days I am more interested in supporting, and electing, people with integrity first and foremost.  While Judson and I did not seem to disagree on much, if anything, it was his genuine interest in helping America and her citizens that struck with me.

Jim Hoft’s, The Gateway Pundit (I was not lying when I said I went to his site every day and that you should too,) broke the news of Sapp’s candidacy moments ago:

Judson Sapp, CEO of W.J. Sapp Railroad Contractor, confirmed to The Gateway Pundit this morning that he is running for congress in Florida’s 3rd District this upcoming election. The current incumbent, Ted Yoho, imposed a strict term-limit requirement for himself when he defeated Congressman Cliff Stearns in 2012.

“Democrats are pushing a radical socialist agenda with no bounds – higher taxes, burdensome regulations, and significant erosions of our constitutional rights. I’m running for Congress because I want to fight back – for your family and mine!”

Mr. Sapp is great at keeping secrets, as I had no idea he has this in the works, but I can not tell you how thrilled I am to see him donating his time to the effort to restore the principles enshrined in our Constitution.

The Gateway Pundit went on to say that:

“Sapp has long been a supporter of conservative functions in North Florida and frequently attends MAGA-centric events like the American Priority Conference held in South Florida at Trump National Doral earlier this month. He is one of the most prolific donors to America First candidates in Florida. According to Florida Politics, Sapp even hosted President Trump’s son Donald Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle at a fundraiser for Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

He has also held fundraisers with Vice President Mike Pence and Michigan United States Senate candidate John James.

Incumbent Congressman Ted Yoho was elected after challenging then incumbent Cliff Stearns over his failure to abide by self-imposed term-limits and becoming hypnotized by the corrupting elements of the swamp. During his campaign, and after being elected, Yoho reaffirmed his intention to serve four-terms and retire. He is at the end of his fourth and final term.”

Sapp told The Gateway Pundit, “Our nation does not suffer a revenue problem, we suffer a spending problem.  Some “conservatives” have lost their way – failing to balance budgets, creating more government, and sacrificing our freedoms for better poll numbers. This republic of ours is at a crossroads.  We will either go down the path of socialism, more government, and less freedom – or we will choose capitalism, less government, and more freedom. I choose the later.”

As someone who is VERY skeptical of politicians, I can tell you first hand that Mr. Sapp is a genuine person and his intentions are pure and selfless in my view.  It warms my heart, and gives me hope, to see people like Mr. Sapp putting their careers aside and spending their own money and time, in an effort to save America from the radical authoritarians.

Please help us spread the word that we have a America First candidate running for Congress in Florida’s 3rd district!  If you would be so kind as to share this article, The Gateway Pundit’s articleMr. Sapp’s campaign website or Jusdon’s Facebook Page, that would go a long way to helping jump start his campaign and our collective effort to Make America Great Again!  Thank you Patriots!  -Mark Sidney

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