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Graham Turns On Trump On Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Show: 9-11 2.0 Will Occur If We Pull Troops from Northern Syria (VIDEO)

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  Jim Hoft’s, The Gateway Pundit, is a site that I go to first thing, each and everyday.  Hoft and his team have their finger on the pulse of the most important stories of the day, especially the ones that the establishment media is trying to keep you from seeing.  This story about Graham is a great example of the things they pick up that I would have missed had I not been on their site, more on that below.

Regular readers of our site likely realize this Hoft & his fearless team of reporters and opinion writers are the inspiration for many of our articles.  I encourage you to bookmark The Gateway Pundit, and visit it each and every day.

I do not know whether or not most people realize it but, sites like ours, and Jim’s are under constant attack from the ‘Speech Cartel.”  They have crushed our distribution and ability to monetize.  Make no mistake, freedom of speech is under attack, but rest assured, our God given rights will be defended, no matter the cost.

You know who else is under attack, from all sides?  Our President, Donald Trump.

Even those who are in his party, or at least pretend to be, are still bending the knee to the military industrial complex.

Take Lindsey Graham for instance.  I wanted so badly to believe that he was a friendly actor and part of to the effort restore America’s greatness, however, evidence points to the contrary.

Take his appearance on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show last night for instance.

Lindsey went on Fox News to talk about the situation in Northern Syria.  As usual, just like HRC would have done, Graham insinuated that President Trump would cause another 9/11 if he were to do not keep troops in Syria.

“Judge Jeanine: How long should we be there? Senator, how long should we be there?

Lindsey Graham: The day ISIS surrenders call me. We should be there as long as there’s a threat. I’m not asking for an endless war, Judge. I’m just trying to be smart here…

Judge Jeanine: So how long have the Kurds and the Turks been fighting?

Lindsey Graham: Well, do you remember 9-11? Yeah, how long has it been? Yeah, Ok! I think you do. Let me tell you what’s coming our way… Our footprint in Syria is about 1,000. Here’s what you have to recognize. If you ignore the Mideast, it won’t ignore you. September the 10th 2001 we didn’t have any soldiers in Afghanistan, not a dime of aid to the country, not even an embassy. We got attacked anyway.”

“So if we pull our few hundred troops out of northern Syria then we’re going to have another 9-11 style attack?
Really?” The Gateway Pundit asked.  Maybe Graham knows something we do not, maybe it’s not who we suspect of being behind such attacks, but what do I know.

Below is the clip, you can decide for yourself who Lindsey Graham is representing, the American People …. or the ones bankrolling him.

Via Justice with Judge Jeanine:

Sorry bruh, shilling for war is played out.  America is awake, we are sick of our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters coming home in pieces in endless wars that only benefit the ones selling the killing machines.

I love and support our troops … coming home.  After 19 years, it’s time to take stock of where we are, how we got here, and learn from our mistakes.  Perhaps you disagree, if so, let’s discuss it on

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