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Tom Arnold Foreshadows Trump’s Assassination, As Man Arrested W/ Gun Outside Rally

Opinion| Mark Sidney| Former A list actor, Tom Arnold, went after President Donald Trump in a Thursday tweet in which he seemed to suggest that Mr. Trump would soon face an attempt on his life, invoking the name of the last President killed.

Interestingly enough, many believe that Kennedy was killed for his own efforts to upend the ‘deep state’ after his election.  These allegations remain to be proven despite President Trump declassifying many documents related to the iconic POTUS’ assassination in Dallas, Texas.

Arnold sent out a tweet in response to President Trump’s post in which he shared an video of the large crowd of people waiting to enter his Dallas, Texas rally. Arnold wrote, “Don’t get too cocky traitor. They showed up for JFK too.”

According to the Daily Caller, “Arnold appeared to be referencing Kennedy’s assassination — the popular president was shot in Dallas in November of 1963 as his motorcade passed through the city. Just before Arnold’s tweet was posted, however, Dallas police officers averted a very real threat. According to a report from NBC’s Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate, a man carrying a variety of weapons was detained near the president’s rally before he could cause anyone harm.

“A man wearing a vest, helmet and a backpack near President Trump’s Dallas rally counter-protestors was just detained by Dallas police. Officers confiscated a gun, breathing mask, knee pads & some type of aerosol can,” NBC wrote in a report.”

The actor tweeted in response to the Dallas arrest, saying, “I don’t own a gun. I’m a real man. I will wrestle the traitor at his next rally if he’s willing. He’s in the WWE Hall Of Fame. For what? Extortion? Cowardice? Definitely not being a patriot. You support Donald Trump now. You are UnAmerican too.”

The actor, who has made a name for himself as a regular Trump critic, once stated that he dig up tapes of Trump that would have him removed from office.

It was more recently, however, that he signed on with numerous other Hollywood elites to start their own Impeachment Task Force meant to attack President Trump on different social media platforms.

For how much longer will Arnold be allowed to threaten and encourage others to murder the President of the United States without recourse?  He may not have the intention of killing our President, but he sure seems to be trying to get some deranged lefty to do his bidding.

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