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Rudy Kicks Out The Chair: ‘Democrats Are Covering Up Massive Corruption’ – Fox Shill: You’re Interfering In The 2020 Election – OPINION


Rudy Kicks Out The Chair: ‘Democrats Are Covering Up Massive Corruption’ – Fox Shill: You’re Interfering In The 2020 Election – OPINION

Elder Patriot – Opinion| Former US attorney Rudy Giuliani has perhaps the most impressive record ever compiled by a prosecutor rooting out corruption.  He took down New York’s mafia – the ‘Five Families,’ perhaps 1,000 of their soldiers, and the Columbian revolutionary terrorists of FARC.

Giuliani won convictions of Wall Street financiers Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken as well as 200 corrupt politicians from both political parties.

In total, Giuliani won 4,152 convictions with only 25 reversals.  Rudy has a nose for corruption. In all its forms, and the integrity and courage to do something about it no matter where he finds it.   

Last night Rudy joined Fox News’ Martha MacCallum for what turned out to be a highly enlightening 12 minute interview.  Watch how MacCallum presses Giuliani for having the temerity to investigate an allegedly corrupt US vice president. 

Imagine that.  For three years, what I believe to be, Obama-era operatives within the intelligence community, seemingly refused to investigate Hillary and endeavored to construct a false narrative surrounding Russia to destroy Donald Trump.  

Now they are repeating the same process by substituting Ukraine for Russia and MacCallum tells Rudy it’s their job to conduct these investigations.  

How dare you investigate the Democrat’s criminal syndicate!!!  That’s their job. 

The important thing to keep in mind about Rudy is that he took down the mafia and FARC.  He’s not going to be scared off by any criminal syndicate, that includes the Democratic Party, their Deep State defenders, or their media allies.  Could this be his next big RICO investigation?

In a previous interview, on Fox News Sunday, Rudy said; This is going to get bigger and bigger and everything I say I can prove!

Last night he suggested that China and the Clinton Foundation, along with George Soros and the corruption in Ukraine, all followed a similar pattern of corruption.

A pattern that President Obama apparently knew about and seemingly did nothing to stop.  At the very least, that would make Obama a facilitator to the corruption.

After Rudy refuted each talking point objection to his role in investigating Biden-Ukraine corruption, the former prosecutor said; “The President of the United States is very serious… Donald Trump is going to fix it”

“The Democrats are Covering Up Corruption, Massive Corruption… Why didn’t Obama stop it?”

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