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Speaker Pelosi Lies To Stephanopoulos’ Face, Claims Schiff’s Fake Trump/Ukraine Convo Wasn’t Dishonest

Opinion – ICYMI – Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Alright, we all know that the lamestream media will do anything to protect the corrupt Dems by lobbing softball questions, dodging the actual facts and refuse to reports anything negative about any democrat- period.

On the other hand, when it comes to President Trump the same media goes all out to spread hatred and lies over and over and over. For example, there was little to no coverage of all the Obama scandals but 24 hour coverage on the Russian collusion hoax.

And now it’s Ukraine…

So it should not surprise anyone that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemingly lied like a boss in an interview with ABC News’ former Clinton War Room sycophant George Stephanopoulos, who took a job in media after leaving the, IMHO,  second-most corrupt administration in the history of the republic after Obama’s, The National Sentinel reports.

Pelosi actually said live on the air this morning that Shifty Adam Schiff’s entire opening statement earlier this week in which he completely fabricated, what President Trump said on a July phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, wasn’t dishonest.

Mind you, Schiff got up there and completely fabricated the conversation, Schiff represent it as if it were true. In fact, it was such BS even he later admitted he made it up — as a “parody.”  If Trump did this we would never hear the end of it.

In any event, again — it doesn’t surprise us that Pelosi lies like a rug or that Schiff is a compulsive liar in my view. They’re Democrats; they can’t help themselves, it seems to me, that is just what they do.

But what’s really important to note here is that while Pelosi is claiming that Schiff’s BS wasn’t BS, that little Clinton lapdog, Stephanopoulos, barely even challenged her.

Never called her out, never reminded her that, hey, you know, Adam refuted his own opening statement, yada, yada. Nothing.

He just let his viewers be propagandized because he and this is why the TV media has lost trust among the American people and sites like our were flourishing … until the speech cartel fraudulently, in my view, crushed all of our reach and tried to bankrupt us.


This is why it’s important to have so-called ‘alternative media’ (like us) in this day and age, especially. The media giants that dominate the news industry have nearly all prostituted themselves out to the Democratic Party. If they could only have helped themselves and not pushed their fantasies, nonsense, and fake narratives on the American people, as if they were the truth, no one would be reading this blog. Read More At Right Wing Tribune

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