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Dems Demand Ukrainian Docs, Trump Trolls, Gives Evidence Of HRC & Biden’s Misdeeds Instead, Says Rudy – Watch

Opinion – Mark Sidney – If you can count on Trump to one thing, even more than you can to put America first, it is to troll his haters.

As Mother Jones featured following headline:

“House Dems Demand that Trump Turn Over Ukraine Documents by Thursday”

So you can imagine the Dems pile into a briefing room, rubbing their hands together and cackling, wooo hahaha, woooo hahaha, waiting for the dirt, which they think they are about to get, that will finally take Trump down.

Mother Jones went on to say:

‘Three top congressional Democrats announced Tuesday that they are giving the White House two days to turn over documents related to President Donald Trump’s reported efforts to coerce the president of Ukraine into helping him dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden. The move comes amid growing support among House Democrats for an impeachment inquiry.

Our Committees have a constitutional duty to serve as an independent check on the Executive Branch and to determine the facts regarding the actions of the President,” Reps. Adam Schiff of California, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, and Eliot Engel of New York—the heads of the Intelligence, Oversight, and Foreign Affairs committees, respectively—wrote in letter to White House counsel Pat Cipollone. “Any attempt by a President to use the office of the presidency of the United States for personal political gain—rather than the national interest—fundamentally undermines our sovereignty, democracy, and the Constitution.”

Funny thing, they didn’t mention which President, so it appears, according to Hannity and Rudy, that the Trump admin gave them dirt on a Presidential administration, just not the one they were looking for, not the one they have an interest in exposing, the Obama admin, specifically (allegedly) Biden and ‘almost Queen’ HRC.

Last night Hannity explained what happened:

Hannity: “… we obtained new Ukrainian documents from Rudy Giuliani, now the Democrats earlier today, they actually went into a briefing room, they thought they were gonna get impeachable evidence on the president what they got was information that hurt their cause and showed about, Oh, the Democrats and yeah the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, yeah, they were colluding with Ukraine in 2016 and yeah, they’re admitting they tried to help Hillary Clinton and they’re also admitting the information they provided well had an impact in the race because they took down Paul Manafort with that information”

LMAO, how can you not love Trump?  he’s always out playing everyone it seems.  If he was not, surely he would have been destroyed by now.  The man always seems to always be 2-20 step ahead of everyone trying to set him on fire.

Hannity went on to drop a ground shaking bomb:

“[We have] now learned that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani interviewed the fired prosecutor by Biden and that would be the prosecutor Shokin.”

Boom goes the dynamite!  It sounds like Trump and his team have been busy lining up the dominoes, one by one, searching, finding, compiling the evidence, building the metaphorical guillotine, waiting for just the right time to ‘drop the blade’ (relax, it’s a metaphor everyone, I’m looking at you ZB.)

I know a lot of us, myself included, were wondering if we were ever going to see declass happen, if anyone was ever going to pay for their alleged crimes in Washington.  It seems that while we were being impatient, the Trump team was working behind the scenes to compile the evidence and build the cases needed to finally pull the plug on the swamp.

Do not get too excited just yet, this is still just how it appears, and while it looks more and more like this is reality each day, remember that as of now, as far as I know, only McCabe has even come close to being indicted.  Some claim he is already under a sealed indictment, others say nothing has been done, other than the recommendation of indictment by the Federal Prosecutors.

Looking back, I think I was foolish to assume Trump would not save all the devastating dirt, which I believe he has on the Dems, until re-election time.  What better way to reengineer 2016 in 2020, than to be in the position to be your own Wikileaks?

Back to Hannity’s interview of Rudy, and now this is the President’s lawyer speaking:

“What happened today is the the big announcement yesterday was the idea the State Department was going to go over and give all these secret documents to to the committee and the committee.  I guess they were sitting there figuring out how they could do impeachment based on nothing and what they got shoved down their throats is a complete total absolutely terrific traffic tutorial outline of why Joe Biden is so guilty, it’s a joke I even have to describe it to you. 

Viktor Shokin

What I did, first of all, it demonstrates that I prosecuted, well they’re number freudian slip, I investigated,  all of this starting in November of 2018 and I finished it by March 28 2019, now why is that significant?  That’s significant because all of this was done while the Muller investigation was still pending while I was seeking in the best tradition of being a lawyer a defense lawyer to vindicate my client. 

This is information that was given to me, I didn’t go looking for Joe Biden.  The Ukrainians brought me substantial evidence of Ukrainian collusion with Hillary Clinton the DNC George S*ros, George S*ros’s company they put it in my lap.  They came and gave me testimony I wrote it out ,I had a professional investigator make FBI 302s of it, eventually it was John Solomon who should get a Pulitzer Prize. 

By the way, we put them all on tape so it’s all memorialized on video tapes.  So this is solid as it can get, and I interviewed them, in one case, I interviewed a Shokin, it goes so badly, he thought he was being cross-examined!  I don’t,  I don’t accept the, I didn’t do what this phony a whistleblower did, this phony whistleblower is giving hearsay evidence.  He says I’m not a direct witness okay useless pal you’re not a direct witness, goodbye

Joe Biden, His Son Hunter & Burisma Holdings Board Member Devon Archer.

 I have what’s called an affidavit here, this is not what the whistleblower did.  This is underoath, it’s signed under penalties of perjury, by Victor Shokin.  Victor Shokin has told me he’s more than willing to come to America and testify before Congress and point the finger at Joe Biden & his son and basically support what the president said today, they’re corrupt as sin.” – Transcript via YouTube

This is so obvious it’s like you the nose on your face Sean, they, the Ukrainian oligarch Zlochevsky, didn’t pay millions for hunted by Biden’s non-existent skill … he paid millions to buy the vice president’s office.”

Take a look for yourself :

It looks like Rudy was right, the Democrats appear to have fallen into a 100 foot pit with spikes at the bottom, set by … well, themselves, they set this in motion and in doing so will bring about their own downfall.  This is just more proof that God loves us and that the universe bends towards justice … IMHO! Are You Yet?

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