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Just In: Solomon’s Earth Rattling Interview Reveals There Is Much More Corruption Info Coming Soon On Biden

OP ED: John Solomon of The Hill, is one of the foremost, credible and prolific journalists around these days.

The man has been breaking stories for years now, stories that the, bought and paid for (my opinion) media refused to touch with a ten foot pole.

Solomon has been writing about the Trump Russia Collusion narrative being nonsense for, what feels like years now.  Today it’s Biden’s turn …

Syndicated Via Right Wing Tribune – Opinion, Speculation and Analysis by (NationalSentinel) One of the most valuable assets Americans have in Washington, D.C., today is ace investigative reporter John Solomon of The Hill.

The publication he works for is definitely in the tank for the Left, but the fact that The Hill continues to provide Solomon with a forum makes it less of a threat to our republic than, say, the B.S. factories at CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, et al.

Through his extensive contacts, Solomon has uncovered boatloads of scandal related to “Spygate” — Barack Obama’s blatant attempt to help depose President Donald Trump, which Americans, using our system, chose to be our leader.

Why nothing’s been done yet to prosecute the criminals responsible for it is an ongoing question; could be that Trump’s just waiting for the right moment when he can de-pants these morons in full view of the country and bounce their a**es off to jail where they belong. We’ll see.

Meantime, though, Solomon remains hard at work exposing these retards for all the corrupt crap they’ve been doing and that now includes former Veep Joe Biden and his coke-snorting son, Hunter.

We already know that Biden threatened the Ukrainian government to withhold $1 billion in aid — at a time when Russia was scarfing up the Crimea and backing ‘rebels’ fighting Ukrainian troops in the country’s east — if Kiev didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into corruption involving a company paying Hunter 50 grand a month.

We know because Biden, with his big mouth, bragged about it at a public forum.

But Solomon says there is a boatload more corruption involving the Bidens and this Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, coming. (H/T One America News)


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