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Juan Williams Gets Crushed By Jesse Waters Over Biden Live On National Television [ICYMI] [OPINION]

This article featuring opinion, analysis and speculation was syndicated via Right Wing Tribune.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters OWNS Juan Williams: ‘Trump’s Sons Stopped Doing International Business After Dad Became President, Biden’s Son STARTED After Dad Became VP’ (Video)

(NationalSentinel) Fair-minded journalists — and in the mainstream media, there aren’t many — know that Democrats who claim President Donald Trump did something nefarious and impeachable with Ukraine is complete BS.

Not only that, but they know that what Joe Biden did on behalf of his son, Hunter Biden, in Ukraine is as dirty and scandalous as it gets.

Without question, that crazy-ass Joe Biden helped his son land a lucrative business deal in Ukraine — $50k a month — when he was Vice President.

Also without question, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from Ukraine if the government didn’t fire a prosecutor who was looking into corruption involving the very same company where Hunter Biden served as a board member.

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“Well, son of a bitch,” Biden bragged to a Council on Foreign Relations forum last year. “He got fired.” Quid, mean pro quo.

Biden and his pal Barry Obama should be wearing prison stripes right now for the shit they did to our president and our country. They abused their positions and treated us and certain nations like an abusive John treats a cheap hooker.

Fair-minded journalist Jesse Watters of Fox News expertly summarized what Biden did and juxtaposed it with President Trump and his sons, Eric and Donald Jr.: What would the Garbage Party be saying if they pulled a “Ukraine” and threatened a country’s aid unless a corrupt firm Eric and Don Jr. worked for got off scot free?

And he took that partisan hack Juan Williams to task for his hypocritical bullshit in claiming that Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president rises to the level of what Biden did.


What do you think?  Who is going down, Biden and the Democrats or Trump?

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