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Prison Justice: Child Porn Ringleader Stabbed, Savagely Beaten Until Dead in Prison

TMU) — A New York man was killed in a federal detention center located in Milan, Michigan during an “altercation” involving seven inmates, according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

Christian Maire, 40, was sentenced to 40 years in prison after pleading guilty to being the leader of a child exploitation and pornography ring.

An autopsy showed the cause of death was from multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head. Officials state that the incident is being investigated as a homicide.

Three other inmates suffered serious injuries in the clash, including another member of the sex ring, Michal Figura, 36, an IT specialist at the University of Pennsylvania. Two staff members also reported minor injuries.

Maire, who was from Binghamton, New York, was labelled the “mastermind” of an “egregious crime syndicate” that pressured young girls to engage in sex via the internet, according to prosecutors. Although Maire denied that he was the ringleader behind the operation, he did reveal to a judge in December that he had “shattered so many lives.”

“I never thought I could sink this low. I apologize to all of my victims,” Maire also told the judge.

“They hunted girls. They lied to girls. They manipulated girls. … And they did so repeatedly, for years, victimizing more than 100 girls, only a fraction of whom have been positively identified,” according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Mulcahy, who requested a life sentence for Maire.

Maire would handpick members of the ring, referred to as the “Bored Group,” who shared computer skills and a sexual interest in girls ranging from infants to teens.

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