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The Democrats’ REAL Plan For Disarming Americans Leaks Out On House Floor As Dems Refuse To Include Gang Database


The Democrats’ REAL Plan For Disarming Americans Leaks Out On House Floor As Dems Refuse To Include Gang Database

They Just Uncloaked! … Can You Tell This Is An Op Ed Yet?| As you’ve probably already heard, Democrats are looking to pass Red Flag Laws in order to confiscate firearms from Americans who they deem, or someone deems, unfit to own arms.

Republican Representative Ken Buck of Colorado sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” to discuss the dangerous of the Democrats’ beloved Red Flag laws.

Buck made the “crazy” contention that these laws were targeted at rural Americans and would not be used to help stop the crime problems running rampant in cities, especially ones like Chicago with strict “gun control.”

However, what Buck went on to disclose, blew my mind.

Buck explained his contention that the Democrats are looking to use these laws in order to confiscate firearms from those in rural America, but when he proposed to include gang members in the law, he was shot down.

The Washington Examiner reported:

House Democrats this week advanced a new measure to encourage states to pass “red flag” laws, known as extreme risk protection orders, that authorize removing guns and ammunition from dangerous individuals.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee amended the measure during a Wednesday mark-up to authorize the federal government to issue extreme risk protection orders in some instances, but they rejected an amendment that would have red-flagged anyone who law enforcement lists as a gang member.

Oh 14th Amendment …. where aaaaaaaare you?

Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted on July 9, 1868, as one of the Reconstruction Amendments. The amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War.

Now why on Earth would the Democrats want to take the guns of rural Americans, presumably sans due process, but not ‘known’ gang members? To Be fair the level of due process in forming the gang member list is unknown to me.

I have a guess:


Oh, ok, yea, I see now.

Buck stated on Wednesday, “The majority of violent crime, including gun violence, in the United States is linked to gangs. My amendment is quite simple. It would allow the issuance of a red flag order against anyone whose name appears in a gang database if there was probable cause to include that individual in the database.”

The reasons Democrats gave in their objections were oddly similar to those of Republicans.

GOP lawmakers have been in strong opposition to the “No Fly, No Buy” proposals made by Democrats in the House in prior years since the list flagged incorrect people.

House Judiciary Committee Democrats shot down an amendment which would have “red-flagged anyone who law enforcement lists as a gang member. According to 80% of gun homicides are committed by gang members,” according to the Gateway Pundit.

Take a look at the following clip from Tucker Carlson Tonight:

I’m no genius but it seems to me the Democrat’s aim is to disarm anyone who opposes their plans for a complete and total takeover of the nation’s economy/industry, educational system (already almost complete), media (99% there) etc, but hey …

Yup, but, unfortunately for the Dems, I believe that there are over 100,000,000 gun owners who see it this way too. Ok, one last Dude quote … “This aggression man, it will not stand!”

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