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Obama Admin Officials Sign McCabe’s Proverbial Death Warrant: Holder, Rice, Brennan Said To Refuse Defending Andrew McCabe as Character Witness


Obama Admin Officials Sign McCabe’s Proverbial Death Warrant: Holder, Rice, Brennan Said To Refuse Defending Andrew McCabe as Character Witness

Just Out Take On Things, Nothing More, Nothing Less| This week it was reported by the same media that ran with the Trump/Russia Collusion hoax for two years or so, that Obama-era officials were prepared to defend disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a character witness, allegedly offering to testify if McCabe were to go to trial for telling lies to the federal authorities regarding media leaks.

The list of McCabe defenders was published by Politico:

The Politico report read:

A cavalcade of Obama-era national security leaders have committed to testify on behalf of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should he face trial over allegations that he misled officials about leaks to the media.

The lineup, detailed in a legal analysis from McCabe’s legal team, the substance of which was provided to the Justice Department, includes a string of former senior officials. McCabe’s ex-boss, however — former FBI Director James Comey — has said he could be a witness against him, based on testimony Comey gave to an internal watchdog that appeared to contradict McCabe’s version of events.

Politico writer Natasha Bertrand soon updated the list, stating that a spokesperson for Andrew McCabe had released a different story a couple of hours after her original.

McCabe’s spokeswoman updated her list stating that Democrats Eric Holder, Susan Rice and John Brennan will not be testifying in McCabe’s defense. Whoops … imagine that, Politico getting it wrong, do you think FB will crush the reach of their links and try to bankrupt them and ruin their financial lives? Don’t hold your breath, they only do that to mom and pop shops with opinions contrary to their own. But I digress …

Looks like they are setting McCabe up to be the fall guy.  However, I do not think that is how it’s going to go.  McCabe was the former Deputy Director of the FBI.  He more than likely has the goods on, not only Comey, but anyone and everyone else the Bureau had files on.

Not to mention anyone in, say …. the White House.  I keep going back to that one text between Strzok and Page that read: “The White House is running this.”  While we are not sure what the White House was running, I sure have a guess, and I would be my ass you are thinking the same thing I am. Midnight approaches.  Keep in mind, this is just like, my opinion, man.

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