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Leftist Politifact Catches Dem Governor Newsom In Major Lie Aimed to Deflect From His Own Failed Policies For Homeless


Leftist Politifact Catches Dem Governor Newsom In Major Lie Aimed to Deflect From His Own Failed Policies For Homeless

Elder Patriot- Opinion, Speculation, Analysis – During an interview he gave to Axios on HBO, California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom flat-out lied about the source of the homeless problem in San Francisco – a city that he presided over as mayor from 2004 until 2011. 

Newsom told his interviewer; “The vast majority (of San Francisco’s homeless people) also come in from — and we know this — from Texas. Just (an) interesting fact.”

Newsom lied.

Not only that, he knew he was lying when he said it.

( Newsom’s statement is contradicted by San Francisco’s own point in time homeless counts. Those reports are conducted every two years. 

They consistently show a large majority of people surveyed said they lived in San Francisco prior to becoming homeless. 

A smaller share said they lived in another California county. Often the smallest percentage said they lived out of state before becoming homeless in San Francisco. 

The 2019 report found 70 percent had lived in the city; 22 percent in another California county and 8 percent out-of-state. Of that 70 percent, more than half, or 55 percent, reported living in San Francisco for a decade or more before losing their home. Just 6 percent said they had lived in the city for less than a year. 

Going back a dozen years, the city’s 2007 point-in-time count shows 62 percent reported being from San Francisco; about 16 percent were from outside the state and 15 percent were from another county in the state.

“The data shows (Newsom’s statement) is completely and totally incorrect,” said Jennifer Friedenback, executive director of San Francisco-based Coalition of Homelessness. “Newsom knows better, by the way.” 

Wait…what?  The percentage of San Franciscans who make up the homeless crisis in the city, went up under Newsom!

Politifact had previously found Newsom to be obfuscating while defending his record as mayor of SF:

For his part, Newsom has often pointed to his role in cutting San Francisco’s “street population by 40 percent” during his time as mayor, adding his administration “got 12,000 people off the street.” His campaign has cited the 2009 San Francisco Homeless Count and Survey to support that statement.

We examined that claim in May and rated it Half True. We found Newsom cherry-picked the timeframe of this reduction, which took place from 2002 to 2009, two years before he became mayor to two years before he left that office.

The street population went back up by 400 during his final two years. But even considering that uptick, the city’s unsheltered total still decreased by 31 percent from 2002 to 2011.

The total number of homeless persons in San Francisco increased while Newsom was mayor.

Virtue-signaling Democrats consistently blame conservatives when their policies fail.  It may feed the emotional needs of their biased base but those policies, more often than not, do nothing for those they claim they are designed to help.

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