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BREAKING: BIDEN DOJ Going After TRUMP Administration, Looks to Lock Them Up


Here we go, we knew this was coming.  The ‘we need to heal the nation’ President is about to round up the previous administration’s participants.  This is 3rd world stuff right here.

Try to read though the spin and see what is REALLY happening …

Fox News is reporting:
‘The Department of Justice Inspector General’s Office announced Monday that they were investigating whether any current or former DOJ employees attempted to alter the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“The investigation will encompass all relevant allegations that may arise that are within the scope of the OIG’s jurisdiction,” the announcement from Inspector General Michael Horowitz said, noting that this jurisdiction covers the conduct of past and present DOJ employees but “does not extend to allegations against other government officials.”

The official announcement did not go into any further details, but a source familiar with the probe pointed to Friday’s New York Times report about now-former President Donald Trump working with certain Justice Department officials to possibly replace then-acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen with someone who would have been more open to overturning election results.

The report said that Trump and DOJ attorney Jeffrey Clark had discussed a plan involving replacing Rosen with Clark and pressuring Georgia to overturn the results of the election in that state by sending a letter to lawmakers saying they were looking into voter fraud allegations and the results should be vacated.’

Trump’s White House attorney, Pat Cippollone, who defended Trump during his first impeachment trial, reportedly advised Trump not to replace the acting AG and as you well know, Trump never did.

Clark later denied the claims that he was involved in some plan to overthrow the election results by appointing an AG that would do so.

Clark also said that the reports of his talks with Trump and others were BS.

Imagine being in Trump’s position, you believe you have evidence that the election was stolen from you, however, the entire establishment is against you.

The Senate is against you.

The House is against you.

The media is against you.

Social Media is against you.

What do you do?  Do you risk the republic and call BS, or do you just let them get away with it?

If we assume that the election was not on the level, this was an incredible difficult position for Trump to be in.  Now, after leaving, you can bet your rear end that the Biden DOJ, the same Biden that talks about ‘healing’ and ‘coming together’ is going to do anything they can to lock Trump up.

I pray that they have the good sense not to do this as I can only imagine the real world harm it would cause.

The establishment already lost all its credibility, if they start locking up the previous administration you can be sure the United States will never recover its credibility.

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Rick January 29, 2021
| |
The DOJ and the FBI have no credibility anymore. They are only there to protect the democRAT party, the dirty party.... Laws? We don't need no stinking laws... is their motto...
tracker1 January 29, 2021
| |
If voting corruption resulted in a stolen election we don't HAVE a republic. Just a conclave of crooks running the govt.
Forearmed January 29, 2021
| |
Of course we're trying to overturn the election, because IT WAS STOLEN IN A BLATANT COUP UPON THE PRESIDENCY. The only beef we have with Trump is that he threw us under the buss instead of implementing the Insurrection Act, to clean out the bottom layers of the swamp.
madmemere January 29, 2021
| |
China-joe's take on this is quite interesting; I declare conservatives and Trump supporters didn't have to "alter the results of the 2020 Presidential election" - -the democommies had already done that for them!
Vinson January 29, 2021
| |
The Federal government and Congress is corrupt to the core.
Patrick Rodgers January 29, 2021
| |
The Soros/Biden/Harris Cabal have to know the American Military is standing behind their real Commander in Chief, President Trump. It is not a question of if the military takes over the pop sickle stand but rather when. It will be the Cabal going to the slammer and not President Trump.Got my pop corn ready and am waiting for the big show to start.
Toots January 29, 2021
| |
Biden and his crime family should have Ben locked up but billionaire payoff to criminal accomplices and a inept Supreme Court, dirty judges, dirty fbi, dirty cia, doorstep nsa, dirty judges .... e what total corruption with Biden and totally communist party operatives
Toots January 29, 2021
| |
Welcome to the communist USA by jo and ho and anyone who doesn’t agree with them will be sent to prison also. America took the bottom of the damp slimy jo and the ho ho ho and we’re going to transform America. They did with fraud and a whole lot of dirty judges. The supremes,the wimpy useless republicans, and the corrupt communist and the corrupt election officials. Hope they are all thrilled how hot snd ho are destroying our once great country
marilyn January 29, 2021
| |
For how long will they try to govern by "We hate Trump"?
Daz Wazlle January 29, 2021
| |
What is the writer talking about. They don't have any good sense! Just hate and venom. They gaslight about everything, because reality tells a different story. This has always been how communists(Marxist) act!
ROSEY January 29, 2021
| |
sandrad720 January 29, 2021
| |
Biden is pushing and pushing trying to create a civil war. He has demonstrated his overreach of power and TREASON. It is Biden and the minions who belong behind bars
Recce1 January 28, 2021
| |
I guess if the dastardly pro-American President thought to replace Rosen who was unwilling to investigate massive voting fraud and other problems with someone who would aggressively enforce federal laws, that was TREASON and MUST be dealt with by Madam Guillotine. (satire)
Tim Kuehl January 28, 2021
| |
‘The Department of Justice Inspector General’s Office announced Monday that they were investigating whether any current or former DOJ employees attempted to alter the results of the 2020 presidential election. It wasn't Trump officials unless some in the swamp embedded in the DOJ, which there are many, that could have altered ballots. But then I don't believe any DOJ officials altered ballots, it was the DOJ and FBI who refused to investigate video evidence of election officials stuffing ballot boxes, sworn testimony of violations by election officials, authorized ballot counting observers kept out of the counting areas, voting machines illegally connected to the internet, claims of algorithms programmed into voting machines to tabulate votes in Biden's favor, etc. Then there is Biden who couldn't draw flies to his rallies when he had them but mostly stayed hidden away from people yet he supposedly won an all time record of 80M votes including more Black voters' votes than Barack Hussein Obama despite Trump getting a record percentage of the Black vote.
GRIZZ MANN January 28, 2021
| |
A Bidenreich tactic to silence dissent?
jan923 January 28, 2021
| |
...And... vise versa... Trump now has no restraints. Everyone knows biden is the guilty one along with his entire family... dimRat credo is to accuse everyone else of exactly what they are doing...better known as misdirection...then try to cover it up with Plausible Deniability... Trump now has the time and resources to go after the crook that stole the white house... and the Fraud that was committed.
Blondie January 28, 2021
| |
I truly hope Biden isn't this ignorant. What comes around goes around & if anyone needs to be prosecuted for crimes & treason it is definitely Biden. If he does this, he won't be ready for what 80,000,000 million Trump supporters could ...............
Bill January 28, 2021
| |
They want Trump out of action because they know their credibility will soon be near zero. Once that happens, the military takes them out with the people's blessing. Guess who will be watching and waiting? He is not going anywhere.
Robert January 28, 2021
| |
Nothing new here the COJ was already investigating, Trump and his businesses and some of his family when trump was in office this is just a continuation of those investigations, and do not forget the investigations by at least 3 State Attorney generals one is a Red State also. Like the age old saying, if you can not do the time do not do the crime. If trump is found innocent by a Impeachment, that does not mean he can be tried for the same crime in both State and f\Federal courts, being an impeachment is not a approved court legal thing it is all political and is ruled that way. There is no consequences of an impeachment except removing a President from office, it takes a second vote to deny that President from ever holding office again. Double Jeapordy does not apply to an impeachment.
Randy131 January 28, 2021
| |
[BIDEN DOJ Going After TRUMP Administration, Looks to Lock Them Up] Strangely ironic isn't it, for that's the same thing that Biden and all the Democrats were condemning President Trump for supposedly going to do to Hillary Clinton, but even though there was plenty of evidence against her, President Trump held to historical precedent, and even though it was quite obvious that Hillary Clinton had broken the law many times over, President Trump did nothing to her. This kind of makes Biden and the Democrats big hypocrites, doesn't it, but then they won't allow you to become a Democrat unless you can prove yourself to be a hypocrite, a liar, and agree to refuse to enforce our laws whenever it benefits the Democrats. The largest crime syndicate in the USA today is the federal government, as the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSI, US Department of State, the ATF and the US Treasury are all rotten to the core and politically corrupt. It seems that all the FBI agents are Democrats' bitches.
David Veso g January 28, 2021
| |
Go after Bidens. Hunter the brother and POS Joe
José Juan Muñoz Pérez January 28, 2021
| |