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It Doesn’t Add Up!: Here’s The Devastating Compilation of Evidence & Inconsistencies Immediately Before Epstein’s “Suicide”, Prison Policy Inconsistencies

Opinion – Speculation- Analysis by Baish| | At the time of his apparent suicide, accused pedophile/multi-millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was the highest profile in the United States prison system.

The autopsy performed on his body on Tuesday showed that the seemingly Clinton family friend had suffered from broken bones in his neck, particularly the hyoid, which is generally consistent in a homicide strangulation.

Since the initial news broke of Epstein’s death, we have learned a lot of new information which leaves us with a lot of questions.

Early reports suggested that Epstein stated that he was cooperating when it came down to “naming names” in the international sex ring he was a part of. Just three weeks before he was found dead, authorities found Epstein unconscious in his cell. Just two days before Epstein’s death records were released to the public, numerous high-ranking Democrats were allegedly implicated in his supposed child sex trafficking ring.

Just two weeks before he died, Epstein was taken off of suicide watch… which came AFTER his supposed failed attempt. Epstein was in isolation, which is not the usual protocol for a suicidal prisoner.

According to authorities, cameras around Epstein’s cell malfunctioned leading up to the time of his death … imagine my shock. It was also reported that one of the guards on Epstein’s floor was not even certified. Then we learned that guards “forgot” to check on the prisoner… and these are the same guards who “slept” through their shift. It was also reported that screams could be heard on the morning that the multi-millionaire died.

According to the MMC, they had not noted a successful suicide attempt in 40 years.

Keep in mind that Epstein had claimed he was attacked three weeks back.

Fox News reported:

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano examined the key questions surrounding Jeffrey Epstein‘s apparent suicide on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, and claimed that there’s more corruption within the prison system that must be rooted out.

“The federal detention facility where he was being held, obviously, is poorly managed. The attorney general himself said that,” Napolitano said. “The question is: was there corruption? Did somebody intentionally look the other way, or was there criminally negligent homicide? So, allowing a person the means with which to kill, when you have a duty to deny the person that means, is the definition of criminally negligent homicide.”

Napolitano said he doesn’t expect any prosecutions from the federal government and criticized the prison bureau for not having simple, standard surveillance measures that could have saved Epstein’s life.

“I doubt that the government is going to prosecute anybody for that, but I don’t know how we’re going to get to the answers. The camera was off,” he said.

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