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Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Bodyguard Finally Speaks Out & Leaves Jaws Slacked …”Somebody Helped Him Do That”

Kirsters’ Opinion, Speculation and Analysis | The former longtime bodyguard of multi-millionaire financier/Clinton family friend/pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, has come forward and is speaking out.

Igor Zinoviev, a former UFC fighter, broke his silence to explain that he feels his former boss had gotten help killing himself, a new report says.

Somebody helped him to do that,” Igor Zinoviev, who spent time working as Epstein’s personal bodyguard, and often driver, as the financier/pedophile made his rounds across the country to his multiple estates, explained to New York Magazine.

The New York Post reports:

Zinoviev, a former UFC fighter, declined to elaborate on how Epstein allegedly carried out his hanging death Saturday at a Manhattan federal prison, saying, “Listen, you know, that’s going a little too deep.”

In an earlier unpublished interview, Zinoviev was more candid about the power the multimillionaire financier wielded.

“He has so much money he can pay it off,” Zinoviev explained to the reporter back in 2015. “Me personally, if I caught him with my daughter or something do that — I’m not going to go to police. I do something else. Much worse. That guy could try to sue me and manipulate the situation with his money. That’s the American way.”

Zinoviev explained that he had worked for Epstein for five-six years. During those years, he spent a lot of time bringing Epstein from the Palm Beach jail where he was serving a 13-month sentence back in 2008. During that time he was granted access to leave for work release.

The former bodyguard explained that he brought Epstein to a lot of appointments during that time. “It was mostly downtown, near lawyer’s office, I drop him there and he go upstairs and I [was] waiting in the car,” Zinoviev told the magazine.

NY Post reports:

Over the course of his employment, Zinoviev flew with Epstein to his residences on the Upper East Side and in the Virgin Islands. He also trained him in workouts that involved weightlifting and fighting drills.

In the interview, Zinoviev rejected previous claims he made that Epstein had relationships with teenage girls and would rotate girlfriends when they got too attached to him.

“It’s not sensitive — it’s just — kind of a little uncorrect [sic],”  Zinoviev told the outlet.

When questioned why he was walking back those claims, Zinoviev insisted that he wasn’t afraid of the repercussions of those accusations.

“I’m not afraid. Beyond that just he is dead,” Zinoviev insisted. “I don’t want anything to be uncorrect [sic]. There’s too much s–t in here, you know, already. He’s dead and just like, freaking people, just leave him alone.

“Just leave him alone”… says the man who also alluded to the fact that if Epstein did the things he did to these little girls he brought with him to the island to his daughter he would do “I do something else. MUCH WORSE”  

People like this, people who enable child abuse and rationalize their participation because it’s paying their bills make me furious. This guy should be facing charges too if he did in fact know what was happening and protected the sex offender while it occurred.  Anyone who goes along with the system thinking they will never have to pay for their sins is wrong.  They are going to pay, and they are going to pay dearly, if not in this life, they will pay MUCH WORSE in the next one …

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