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Holy Crap, AG Barr Just Showed The World He Means Business, Deploys At Least A Dozen FBI Agents To Scour Epstein’s Secret Lair

Analysis, Speculation & Opinion of Our Elder Patriot – Earlier today, Attorney General William Barr promised the American people that he’d get to the bottom of what events led to the death of high-value witness Jeffrey Epstein at the Manhattan Correctional Center.

AG Barr also assured Americans, who have grown disgusted by what has become a two-tiered justice system, that anyone who was complicit with Epstein’s will be brought to justice.

The words were barely out of AG Barr’s mouth when we learned that at least a dozen FBI agents were swarming Epstein’s Orgy Island, Little St. James, looking for evidence that would identify those co-conspirators and the clients for Epstein’s stable of underage sex slaves.

One place those agents are focusing on is a safe inside, what served as Epstein’s personal office, inside the island’s main residence.  It has been reported that Epstein forbade anyone to enter that office, let alone get close to that safe, even when he was present.

Overlay that fact with the mystery surrounding Epstein’s enormous wealth that’s been estimated to be at least half-a-billion dollars.

W expect the FBI’s accounting/financial forensic specialists to be all over Epstein’s personal, business, and banking records as they reconstruct the source(s) of all that money.

Considering the incredibly high-profile names that have already been released, this has the potential to turn out to be the most shocking scandal in the history of, not only the United States, but of the entire world.

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, Clinton’s former UN Ambassador & Governor Bill Richardson, Prince Andrew and likely many, many, many more household names or great power and wealth.

Epstein spent decades crossing paths with former and future presidents and a Who’s Who of wealthy business figures and celebrities.  

Could the source of his wealth possibly be contained in that safe?  Could Epstein have had secret compromising recordings on the world’s elites?

Where does Bill Clinton figure in all this?  Someone was protecting Epstein all these years.  Was is Clinton? Was there a quid pro quo in play?  How did the Clinton Foundation amass $2 Billion? All questions we expect to have answered by Trump’s top law man, AG Barr.

If only one or two of these things turn out to be true what would AG Barr do with that information?  What could he do? If he has the brass to pursue this, will he even survive to fight the battle?  We ask that you pray for the AG & President, pray that they are given the strength to risk their lives to rid the world of as much of this evil as they can and for their protection while doing so.

We elected Trump for this very reason, the contents of Epstein’s safe may contain the plug to the swamp, not just the swamp of Washington, but that of the entire, global, technocratic elite.  Or it could not, I guess in time we will know one way or the other, but we are betting that the good guys win.

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