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Video Just In: Yet ANOTHER Shooting in Lawless CHAZ/CHOP ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Seattle


Video Just In: Yet ANOTHER Shooting in Lawless CHAZ/CHOP ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Seattle

Hey America!  If you want a glimpse of what a ‘socialist’ utopia looks like after a week or two … take a gander at what is apparently the 5th shooting in the ‘summer of love’ zone, now referred to as CHAZ.

Please, whatever you do, make sure that you vote in November, America is at a tipping point and so close to falling, headlong into the abyss. Please VOTE.

Opinion| Steven Ahle| There has been yet another shooting at CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle for the fifth time. Two people were shot. One of them has now died and the other one is in critical condition and may not survive. In all seven people have been shot within the occupied territory, two of whom are dead so far.

Two people in an SUV broke through the barriers and into the CHAZ/CHOP area and began firing hitting the two victims. A man who was live-streaming from the occupied territory said that he heard multiple shots.

Rioters in Seattle, made up of Antifa and BLM took over a six square block area of Seattle, with Mayor Jenny Durkan calling it a block party and saying there was going to be a summer of love.    Now, she has egg on her face after she announced she would be dismantling CHOP but hasn’t yet, still negotiating with BLM.

TheGateway Pundit

There have now been five shootings in the “autonomous zone” in recent weeks.

Following a shooting in the zone earlier this month, the Seattle Police Department was prevented from being able to reach the victim due to the “protesters.” They also shared of video of what happened when they went there.

The brother of CHAZ shooting victim Lorenzo Anderson, who was killed there earlier this month. has claimed that the “protesters” hid his sibling from him as he laid dying inside a tent.

This is a breaking story and the Gateway Pundit will be updating as more information becomes available.

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