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BREAKING: Trump Threatens To DESTROY The GOP Once & For All If They Don’t Start Listening To The People


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Politics are known as a dirty business. One would assume that trying to get elected to public office would be a nobler quest. Nonetheless, campaigns for public office at all levels have degenerated into bitter fights. Most involve some level of personal character assault.

Instead of running for office based on “what they will do,” aspiring political candidates focus on how horrible their opponent is. All too often, candidates threaten or make subtle innuendos about the catastrophic calamities that will befall the citizenship if they’re not elected.

The deviant tactics and manipulative strategies of political campaigns seem to be completely contrary to what holding public office should mean. Being elected to public office should be an honor. However, it’s now become a kind of “rite of passage” for some.

As successful as his policies were, this mindset appears to have befallen former President Donald Trump. President Trump is still the face of the Republican Party. However, because of a constant bombardment from the radically progressive socialist left, his electability is in question.

As the nation slowly moves closer and closer to the critical 2024 presidential election, a new truth grows increasingly obvious. Americans must stop the wave of socialistic tyranny being pushed by the hard left within the Democrat Party.

Despite a horrible performance by Joe Biden during his first two years in office, Republicans failed to sweep both houses of Congress. In fact, instead of a red wave, Republicans narrowly took control of the “lower chamber.”

Conservative candidates actually lost another seat in the U.S. Senate. The 2022 midterms were more than just disappointing for Republicans. The results should be downright eye-opening. What went wrong? Why did so many President Trump-supported candidates underperform?

What is the nation trying to tell us? One thing might be that the voters are tired of cranky old men who proclaim to be for “uniting the nation.” Americans don’t want candidates who appear self-indulgent in their own personal interests.

Americans are looking to a new-age of politician. They want someone who appreciates the honor and privilege of being elected to public office. The country doesn’t want individuals who cannot graciously accept defeat, even if it appears they may have been cheated.

Voters especially seem primed to resist a candidate who chooses to run despite the vocal wishes of the voting majority. In a recent statement, the former president hinted that he would run in the presidential election as an independent if he didn’t win the Republican nomination.

If conservative Americans speak their minds and nominate someone else to run for the White House, is this a good idea? Would President Trump be doing both himself and the nation a disservice by resisting what the voters want?

Is a threat to leave the Republican Party if he isn’t nominated “good for the party or the nation?” This all could be nothing but idle fodder for conversation. To date, the former president is the only candidate to file for the 2024 presidential election.

Certainly, more candidates will step up and run against him, but no one knows for sure who those candidates will be. Many assume that highly popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will run. After that, the chances for those who might aspire to the presidency are slim.

Virtually every poll has President Trump at or near the top of the ticket. But a number of voters are starting to lean toward the successful Florida governor instead. That brings into question what motivation President Trump could have for running against his own party.

If he chose to run as a third-party candidate against the chosen Republican, he would guarantee a split in the conservative vote. In all probability, an unpopular narcissist like Hillary Clinton could win the election if the conservative vote is sliced in half.

A three-way ticket with the Democrat nominee, the Republican nominee, and President Trump would virtually assure another four years of radical leadership in the White House. America is going to struggle to survive two more years of Joe Biden.

We’ll be lucky if a Republican-controlled House of Representatives can stop Biden and his radical cronies from totally destroying the nation. Another four years of leadership by any member of the radically progressive left will certainly cement the end of American democracy.

So, President Trump should fight to win the Republican nomination for 2024. Many believe he will prevail, even against DeSantis. But what should he do if Republican voters choose to turn elsewhere? His decision could determine the fate of both the Republican Party and the nation.

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