ALERT: Lindsey Graham Demands All Out Nuclear War With Russia!


Lindsey Graham is the worst of the worst when it comes to politicians.

The ‘man’ will say whatever he needs to depending on the room he is in and the company that surrounds him in that room.

This man fooled me once but never again.  As usual, Graham is pushing for US troops on the ground in Ukraine which would end up forcing us into an all out war with Russia which would undoubtedly go nuclear.  Long story short, Lindsey is demanding we enter a nuclear war with a nuclear superpower … what could possibly go wrong … right?

This is MADNESS!

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Lindsey Graham wants war with nuclear Russia. And, Lindsey wants Putin eliminated.

Earlier this week Emanuel Macron and France promised to send the first Western tanks to Ukraine.

Lindsey wants US tanks on the ground.

They can’t get there quick enough.

In 2021 the US surrendered to the Taliban in Afghanistan, armed their military with $80 billion in US weapons, and abandoned thousands of Americans and green card holders on the ground.

No one was fired.

Now Lindsey wants to use these same idiots to start a nuclear war with Russia.
This guy is a psycho.

Lindsey wants his war with Russia.

Back in March he called for the assassination of Vladimir Putin. The man is dangerous.

“The Best Chance in 20 Years to Take This Guy Out” – Lindsey Graham Again Calls for Assassination of Vladimir Putin and Crushing the Russian Economy (VIDEO)

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