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BREAKING: Unanimous Vote to Certify Rigged 2022 Election Passed!


Imagine knowing that you had the power to do the right thing, to fight for democracy, and instead you take the easy way out and certify a rigged election.

Well, that is exactly what appears to be happening Arizona right now …

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The corrupt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to certify the results of the rigged 2022 election on Monday.

At the beginning of the meeting, Maricopa County Chairman Bill Gates foolishly claimed the election was “run extremely well.”

Patriots packed the room to express their disapproval of this agenda item.

The corrupt County officials got torn to shreds by numerous voters giving public comments.

The Gateway Pundit reported on testimony from election day poll workers and Maricopa County voters who do not have faith in the 2022 election after seeing the uncertifiable disaster that occurred on election day.

“I Know Everything You’re Hearing Is Going to Be Dropped in Bin #3 – There Will Come a Day When You Sit Before a Higher Judge” – Maricopa County Election Worker Testifies Scanners were Not Working ALL DAY – Computers Went Down (VIDEO)

Entire voting locations were nonfunctional upon opening due to printer and tabulator failures, voters faced extremely long lines at the polls, and voters were told to place their ballots into “box 3” instead of a tabulator.

In the testimony below, one registration clerk in Maricopa County details his shady experience where none of the machines were working, including the time clock for workers to clock in. Site books were also down, which caused poll workers to be unable to check voters in. When they finally solved this issue an hour after the polling location opened, the printers immediately failed.

“At least 50 people were turned away” by 7 am, said the clerk.

Testimony from citizens and voters went on for hours, but the County officials shamelessly followed through with certification.

The full meeting can be viewed here.

The Supervisors did not even answer important questions as to how this happened or how many voters were disenfranchised because they were turned away from the polls.

In his closing remarks, Bill Gates said, “this was not a perfect election, but it was safe and secure.”

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