BREAKING: Project Veritas Busts Child Trafficking Ring [Video]


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Today Project Veritas released a new report including undercover video they say proves the existence of a cartel-backed human trafficking operation in Florida and Texas that exploits children and involves Social Security fraud.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe revealed that the footage resulted from an undercover operation in Naples, wherein his team of reporters conducted multiple interviews with minors who obtained illegal Social Security cards to work the long hours required to pay cartels for trafficking the children into the country.

One minor, identified in the video as Frander, told Project Veritas that he “cannot work legally” in the United States, but was able to after calling a man who “comes to your home and brings” a fake Social Security card for $150.

Watch an excerpt of the explosive report on

In Texas, O’Keefe’s undercover reporters interviewed a second victim. This time, it was a 15-year-old girl who told Project Veritas she must work 15-hour days in a restaurant kitchen to pay back her debt to the cartel.

A third victim, also in Florida, told Project Veritas he had only been in the United States for one month, and the cartel ordered him where to work on a daily basis.

Immigration expert Jessica Vaughan told the outlet that the cartel’s system is “cruel and exploitative and it’s creating conditions, really, of slavery again” within the modern United States.

In its press release, Project Veritas said that each of the victims were pulled out of school to work illegally, generally using stolen or fabricated Social Security numbers and cards, to pay back their debt to the cartels for trafficking them into the country.

“These individuals said they were removed from school, put through forced labor, and even provided with fake social security cards – all of this to pay off debts to cartels,” reported Project Veritas.

Project Veritas’ full report is available on YouTube.

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