BREAKING: Pop Star Sentenced To 13 Years For Sex Crimes


In the United States celebrates are celebrated for their sexual crimes.

However, in China is appears that the authorities are not so forgiving.

We have all seen how Hollywood loves to sexually children and groom them for … God knows what.

In China thee things are treated a little differently …

Fox News reported:

Chinese Canadian pop star Kris Wu, also known as Wu Yifan, was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison after a Chinese court in Beijing found him guilty of sexual offenses, including rape.

The Chinese court gave Wu 11 years and 6 months for a 2020 rape and 1 year and 10 months for the “crime of assembling a crowd to engage in sexual promiscuity” in a 2018 event. Wu and others allegedly assaulted two women they had gotten drunk.

The Beijing’s Chaoyang District Court said the three victims in the rape case had also been drunk and were unable to consent. 

The court agreed to a combined 13-year sentence and ruled that he would be immediately deported after serving his time.

“According to the facts … the nature, circumstances and harmful consequences of the crime, the court made the above judgment,” the court said in an online statement.

A Canadian diplomat was in court to hear the sentencing, it said.

The 32-year-old rose to fame as a former member of the popular South Korean group EXO. 

In addition to Wu being sentenced, he was fined 600 million Yuan, or $83.7 million, for evading taxes by massively under-reporting his earnings from performances, advertisements and other sources of income. ‘

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