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Well holy moly! Things are heating up around the globe alright!

While we sit here and do nothing about the ‘anomalies’ in our elections, other around the world, who feel their elections were compromised, have taken matters into their own hands.

Take a look at what the Brazilian military is about to do … this is HUGE …

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Matthew Tyrmand joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Saturday.

Tyrmand has been reporting on the massive democracy protests against the Socialist party after the stolen presidential election last month.

In a freak election, where every vote was tallied by machines, Socialist felon Lula da Silva managed to win the election despite his party losing seats in the parliament against the very popular Jair Bolsonaro.

It was reminiscent of the US elections in 2020 and 2022 with impossible results that cannot be explained.

Tyrmand says the Brazilian military is ready to invoke Article 142 and save the nation from the Marxist horde.

The military stands with Bolsonaro and is ready to invoke Article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution, which says that the military has the role of “guaranteeing constitutional powers” under the “supreme authority of the president.”

Tell me Brazil is not the little brother of US stolen elections

5:02 PM · Nov 25, 2022

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