FINALLY! The Witch is ‘dead!’

For decades my blood pressure has shot through the roof every time Nancy Pelosi gets on TV and starts gaslighting us. Finally, those days are over!

It is kind of bitter sweet seeing as the vast majority of America hates Pelosi and having her represent the opposing party was only helping the GOP.

Here is what the MSM is reporting about the historic change …

Fox News reported:

‘House Democrats voted Wednesday to make Rep. Hakeem Jeffries their leader in the next Congress, replacing 82-year-old Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Jeffries won the post in an uncontested election after Pelosi and the two other incumbent members of the Democratic leadership, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, opted to step down. Jeffries, a 52-year-old New Yorker, will be the first African American to serve as House Democratic leader.

“Leadership is incredibly important,” said Jeffries. “When we get an opportunity as diverse leaders to serve in positions of consequence, the most meaningful thing we can do in that space is an incredibly good job.”

House Democrats also elected Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark to serve as Democratic Whip. California Rep. Pete Aguilar was elected to serve as chairman of the House Democratic caucus. Both Clark and Aguilar served in leadership under Pelosi for the past two years.

“Effective leadership is not about individual ambition, but our collective good. It is about truly listening and understanding what each member needs to be successful,” said Clark. “I will use my voice at the leadership table to bring people and solutions together.”

“It’s going to be a little awkward,” said one senior Democratic aide. “Pelosi has had such a tight grip on the conference for so long. Every time that Jeffries does something that people don’t agree with, they’ll look towards Pelosi.”

Jeffries said he is not troubled by Pelosi’s decision to remain in the House.’

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