BREAKING: Bannon Drops Nukes On Bidens, Threatens To Release MOTHER LODE


How does the old saying go again?  Oh, yea … Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

The Biden regime would have done well to heed this sage advice.

It’s common knowledge that the Biden family, Joe and especially his favorite son, Hunter, are up to their … ‘eye’ … balls in dirt.  There have already been gigabyte upon gigabyte of criminal and sexually disturbing evidence leak against the family.

Now they are going after Steve Bannon and Bannon is refusing to go down without a fight.  Just today Bannon promised ‘mutually assured destruction’ should Biden choose to send the pundit to prison …

The Gateway Pundit’s founder Jim Hoft reported:

Steve Bannon warned the failing Biden regime what is coming on Saturday morning.

Steve had on attorney Mike Davis to discuss this latest special counsel investigation against Donald Trump three days after he announced he will be running for president in 2024.

Steve warned the illigitimate regime of what is coming.  Investigations and probes of the Biden family — including the perversion and depravity of the entire family!

Steve Bannon:  It’s not the charge, it’s the ride.  They’re trying to break President Trump.  The reason we have to have his back mor than ever is not simply because of the man, Donald Trump.  Part of it is that.  But part of it is they want to take your voice away by breaking him an this is the latest attempt to break him…

…well I got news for them, the Hunter Biden thing…  On the laptop from hell the compromise is at a level of treason.  And you’ll see all of that.  But the individual perversion of this family, family, not just Hunter Biden,  will shock the American people.  And so hey, you’re going to go after Trump, we’ve held back.  Sorry, not sorry.  We’re going to get into the depravity.  The depravity of this family that purports to represent the people of this nation…  It’s not just Hunter Biden.  It’s the family. The perverted family… It will shock you.  Shock you what’s in that laptop.  You want to play smashmouth?  Hey!  We can give as good as good as we get and we’re going to give it hard!

And in doing so, the entire fake news American media is about to be exposed for their disgusting lies and depravity.


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